This lesson is designed for students ages 7-9 with Elementary and further level. With these tasks students will study new grammar structure “be going to”, learn new vocabulary dedicated to weather, practice their writing and speaking skills. 

Lesson plan:

  1. Warm-up
  2. Vocabulary presentation
  3. Vocabulary practice
  4. Miming
  5. Weather sounds
  6. Weather forecast
  7. Grammar presentation
  8. Grammar practice
  9. More grammar practice
  10. Weather and the plans
  11. Two truths, one lie

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Task 1: Warm-up

Look out of the window. What’s the weather like today?

For example, It is sunny.

Now look at these symbols below. Which one describes the weather outside? What other words do you know?

Be going to (Worksheet for kids)

Task 2: Vocabulary presentation

Look at the pictures. Listen to your teacher and repeat.

Be going to (Worksheet for kids)

Task 3: Vocabulary practice

Complete the words with the correct missing letters.

Be going to (Worksheet for kids)

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Task 4: Miming

Look at your teacher and guess what word they are showing. Take turns.

Useful language:

  • hot/cold
  • sunny 
  • snowy
  • windy 
  • stormy
  • foggy 
  • lightning
  • umbrella 
  • cloudy
  • raincoat
  • rainy
  • bootsthunder 
For example:

Student: I think it’s foggy. 
Teacher: Yes, it is!

Student: I think it’s thunder. 
Teacher: No, it isn’t.

What you can mime: trying to see in the fog; holding an umbrella; blowing like the wind; putting on a raincoat; sunbathing; covering your head from the rain; being frightened by the thunderstorm, wearing boots and jumping in the puddle.

More worksheets:

Task 5 (optional): Weather sounds

Close your eyes, listen to the sounds and tell what the weather is like.

You can say: It is lightning.

Now open your eyes and check your answers.

Task 6: Weather forecast

Look at the weather forecast for different cities. Use the structure below to say what the weather is going to be like at the weekend in these cities.

For example, It is going to be rainy in London. 

Now check the weather in your city for the weekend. Tell your teacher what the weather is going to be like and what you are going to do at the weekend.

Task 7: Grammar presentation

Look at the grammar box and listen to your teacher.

Be going to (Worksheet for kids)
Important: use L1 only if necessary.

Task 8: Grammar practice

Write the correct form of the verb to be.

  1. Fred ___ going to wash the dishes. 
  2. I ___ not going to feed the dog. 
  3. We ___ going to cook pizza. 
  4. Julie ___ going to visit her grandparents at the weekend. 
  5. My parents ___ not going to do shopping this week. 
  6. You ___ not going to play computer games in the evening! 
  7. It ___ going to snow tomorrow.  

Task 9: More grammar practice

Look at the picture. This is Mike.

Make sentences about his and his family’s plans for the week using the new structure and the given words.

For example:

Mike/eat fruit. 
Mike is going to eat fruit. 

Mike’s dad/work. 
Mike’s mom/walk the dog. 
Mike’s sisters/play games. 
Mike’s brother/read a book.
Mike/draw his family.

Be going to (Worksheet for kids)

Task 10: Weather and the plans

Throw the dice. What number have you got? What weather is it? 

Throw the dice again. What activity have you got? Now make a sentence. (play several times)

For example, It is going to be hot, so I am going to swim.
Be going to (Worksheet for kids)

Task 11 (optional): Two truths, one lie

Your teacher is going to tell you about their plans for the next month. Two are true and one is false. Try to guess which is false. Take turns.

For example:

Teacher: I’m going to go to the cinema. I’m going to play football. I’m going to fly to the Moon. 
Student: You’re not going to fly to the Moon!

These tasks will help your elementary students learn fast and easily.

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Have a great lesson!

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