My Skyeng fever

My Skyeng fever

Hello dear readers!

I am Hanette, but you can call me Hanna. It’s a pleasure to meet you virtually, and I am so excited to be sharing my knowledge and experiences with you.

I’m a South African living in the sunny city of Cape Town. I spent my recent years living in the U.S.A and traveling around the world.  The biggest professional challenge I experienced was when I was working on international cruise lines as a director but this definitely gave me the opportunity to see the world and develop my own language program for my foreign colleagues who struggled to communicate with passengers.  I have an international qualification in international travel and tourism but now I am working on obtaining my degree in education.

I have been teaching for seven years, mostly offline until about three years ago. A few years ago upon returning from the cruise ships, I dabbled in online teaching for a bit but the company I dedicated my time to unfortunately had underpaid me, and it was impossible to put bread on the table. I was working for one of the world’s largest online casino’s when I heard a colleague talk about quitting his job and joining Skyeng. Now, I will be honest… I was very impolite eavesdropping! Having not interacted with this person before, I had to gather the courage and ask him. Luckily for me, I had the opportunity to eavesdrop again and this time caught the name of the school but there was one hurdle in the way of pursuing my career at Skyeng, and that was that I worked different shifts every week and thus could not open regular hours for students. My heart was broken! So, I did what every passionate born to be a teacher would do; I quit my job in pursuit of my eternal happiness! I joined a small travel business which had regular working hours 9-5 which permitted me to teach evenings. At first, I did it to earn some extra cash, but then I got Skyeng fever! What now? Well, I had to make a decision. Take the risk and quit my job and hope that Skyeng is as great as they seemed and prayed for a full schedule or stay in my miserable job and only teach part-time. I chose the latter and quit my job two months later. I was able to save up enough money from my evening classes to cover two months worth of expenses. I had two months to make this work! My poor manager, Natalia at the time. Bless her heart; I think I gave her so much stress by reiterating the considerable risk I had taken to join Skyeng! Within a month I was working full time and loving it. I had Skyeng’s full support and rooting for me!

I can with a 100% certainty say that Skyeng changed my life in a way I can not describe. I have never been happier! I don’t think teachers know how incredibly blessed they are to work with such an innovative company.  I have worked with a variety of different language schools around the world, and there are none like Skyeng. I am so happy to be a part of many different departments and teams! Skyeng has given me many different opportunities to develop myself and explore untraveled territories.

Not only did I get Skyeng fever, I got hooked on all things Russian and made my first visit to Russia with my mother in May 2018. I met all my students, and it was such a liberating experience! My mother made 12 new cat friends and I made friends with many different types of Russian Vodka! Hahaha!

I would encourage all teachers to make the trip and get to know the company you work for and of course, see your students and get to know their culture and heritage.

Viva Skyeng, I am Skyeng forever!

If you have any questions to Hanna regarding different aspects of the English language, feel free to write in comments below.

Hanette Lian Stimie

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