2020 has totally changed our mindset and approach to teaching. Some time ago there were lots of teachers against online classes and contemporary tools technology offers us. Now most of them have to look for the best techniques to apply in their online classes. Since education is mainly conducted through digital channels, learning platforms are of great use. These platforms provide a simple and comfortable way for students to access and use lesson materials through the Internet. They also make it easy for teachers and trainers to create the course. Among the most popular and practical platforms, you can find Google Classroom and Moodle. Apart from that, you will also need some tools for interactive collaboration and online interactive whiteboards. You will find the necessary and detailed information in our previous articles. And here we will go on presenting Moodle mainly focusing on creating a course.

What is Moodle?

It is a platform where you can create a personalised learning environment. Here learners can easily access courses, check their progress and see what they need to do. Moodle works in over 100 languages. Teachers and students are able to stay in touch through its messenger. Here learners can also share their ideas on the forums, engage with the media and do some quizzes to check their understanding. Students can submit assignments and teachers can easily grade them.

Short instructions on creating a course

You can create a course in Moodle only if you are registered as a site administrator, a course creator or a manager. If you are registered as a teacher, you can’t add a new course, but you can add new learning materials for your students in the created course. A course can display its materials in several ways, such as in weekly sections or named topic sections. You can show all the sections at once or just reveal one at a time. As a teacher, you can also rename the course sections by turning on the editing and clicking the configuration icon underneath the section name. For detailed information you can visit Moodle official website.


In order to create a new course as an admin, you need to log in with your administrator account:

  1. click site administration;
  2. click the courses tab;
  3. click add a new course and add details.

In the section “General” you insert the necessary information about the course, such as its full and short names, category, course starting and ending dates, etc.


In the next section “Description”, you can add the course summary and an illustration. In the “Course format” you can choose how you would like the resources to be displayed. Single activity format will allow you to add just one particular item. Social format is one large board for discussions. If you choose Topic Format or Weekly Format you will also be able to select a course layout. In the section of “Files and Uploads” you can add all necessary learning materials and save them.

Our instructions are intentionally short and simple as we want you to start creating your course right now. Your student will definitely enjoy your renewed lessons.

To sum up, we can definitely say that online teaching is getting more available and comfortable due to such platforms as Moodle.

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