To meet or not to meet? 

What came to your mind when you heard the question? Warm meetings with old friends, weekly/monthly/yearly gatherings with family or necessary business meetings at work? 

If it’s the latter, stay tuned — you can find a worksheet here on the topic of business meetings. This topic is widespread in textbooks:

This lesson plan will help you and your students have a look at business meetings from a different angle. Do we really need meetings at work?


  • age: 16+
  • level: Upper Intermediate/Advanced
  • time: 50-60 minutes
  • lesson type: Listening/Speaking

You may send the list with the new words below to your students before the lesson so they can familiarise themselves with their meanings, or skip this part and work on the new vocabulary from the video during the lesson:

  1. to acknowledge
  2. actionable 
  3. pervasively 
  4. to settle in for 
  5. self-inflicted 
  6. to make a stink
  7. tentative 
  8. to pop up 
  9. mindless 
  10. to yield 

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