The worksheet is designed for adults with beginner level. With these tasks students will study how to use quantifiers, learn new vocabulary dedicated to food, practice their listening and speaking skills.

Lesson plan:

  1. Warm-up
  2. Vocabulary presentation
  3. Vocabulary practice
  4. Happy meals
  5. Analyse
  6. Grammar presentation
  7. Grammar practice
  8. More grammar practice
  9. Food diaries
  10. My food diary

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1. Warm-up

Look at the pictures. Which one do you like most? Why? What do you buy more: vegetables and fruit or meat and pasta?

Quantifiers (Worksheet for beginners)

2. Vocabulary presentation

Look at the pictures. Match the words to the pictures.

Part 1.

Quantifiers (Worksheet for beginners)
Keys: 1. — c; 2. — b; 3. — g; 4. — i; 5. — h; 6. — f; 7. — d; 8. — e; 9. — a

Part 2.

Quantifiers (Worksheet for beginners)
Keys: 1. — a; 2. — d; 3. — h; 4. — e; 5. — f; 6. — b; 7. — g; 8. — c; 9. — i

3. Vocabulary practice

Name the correct food.

  1. People usually put it on pizza. 
  2. It is a sweet drink. You need fruit to make it.
  3. You use it if you want to cook a steak.
  4. There are a lot of different vegetables in it.
  5. It can be white or brown. You use it when you make sandwiches.
  6. It’s an orange vegetable. Rabbits like it.
  7. It’s round. It has a yellow part in the center. You can eat it for breakfast. 
Keys: 1. cheese/tomatoes 2. juice 3. meat 4. salad 5. bread 6. carrot 7. egg

Give your definitions to the words on the list:




For example,

It is a fruit. It is yellow. Monkeys eat it. 

4. Happy meals

What food do you usually have for: breakfast/lunch/dinner?

What food do you usually eat when you are:

  • nervous;
  • depressed;
  • happy;
  • relaxed?

For example,

When I’m nervous, I eat chocolate.

More worksheets:

5. Analyse

Look at the sentences. Complete the rules.

  • How much chocolate do you eat?
  • How many bananas do you usually eat?
  • I eat a lot of chocolate.
  • I eat a lot of bananas.
  • A lot of people eat chocolate when they are sad.
  1. Use much/many with uncountable nouns, e.g. chocolate, milk, water, pepper.
  2. Use much/many with plural countable nouns, e.g. hamburgers, people, eggs, bananas.
  3. Use a lot of/much with uncountable and plural countable nouns, e.g. chocolate, hamburgers, people.
  4. Use how a lot of and how much/how much and how many to make questions. 
Keys: much; many; a lot of; how much and how many

6. Grammar presentation

Read the rules in the grammar box.

Quantifiers (Worksheet for beginners)

7. Grammar practice

Complete the sentences with many, much and a lot of.

  1. How _____ juice do you drink? 
  2. There are _____ tomatoes in the fridge. 
  3. How _____ apples do you eat every day? 
  4. Do you eat _____ meat? 
  5. How _____ cheese do you need for cooking this dish? 
  6. My sister eats _____ chocolate every day. 
  7. How ______ cakes do you want to buy for the party? 
  8. She can’t eat _____ fish as she is allergic to it.
Keys: 1. much 2. a lot of 3. many 4. much/a lot of 5. much  6. a lot of  7. many  8. much/a lot of

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8. More grammar practice

Correct the sentences that have mistakes in them. Some of them are correct. 

  1. How a lot chocolate is there in this cake?
  2. There are a lot of tomatoes and carrots in the dish.
  3. Why do you need so much eggs?
  4. I like pasta with a lot of meat and vegetables.
  5. Rex doesn’t eat much bananas and apples.
  6. Lucas and Ella don’t drink much coffee.
  7. Do you eat many chicken during the day?
  8. How a lot of cucumbers does he need to buy?
  9. My family doesn’t eat many meat, that’s why I will order fish.
  10. I usually buy a lot of  apples, but this time I’ll order bananas, my husband likes them .
  11. We don’t eat much cakes, but I’ll order a carrot cake this time. I want to try.
Keys: 1. much 2. correct 3. many 4. correct  5. many 6. correct 7. much/a lot of 8. many 9. much 10. correct  11. many 
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9 (Optional). Food diaries

Watch the video (until 3:29) from the “Food diaries” and tick the food that Nicola Beckham eats in a day.

Quantifiers (Worksheet for beginners)
Keys: latte; pancakes; sandwiches; salad; bread; pasta

10 (Optional). My food diary

Think of food you eat in a day. Say what you need to cook them. Make sentences using much/many/a lot of and new vocabulary. 

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For example, 

I eat sandwiches for breakfast. I need bread, a lot of cheese and chicken. I don’t need much tomato sauce because it is not good for my health.

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