In this lesson students learn about Polar lights and find out how they appear by watching a video which explains this phenomenon with quite simple words.

Students define some vocabulary related to the topic before watching the video. In addition, they revise and practice the usage of the passive and active voice.

There is also an additional task that brings your students to a light pollution map and a discussion about the best places for seeing these fascinating lights.

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  • Фото аватара
    Жанна Николаевна Шипилова

    Здравствуйте. После 5 задания идет 7, минуя 6. В ответах 6 задание есть.

    • Анна Михайлова (Левина) Автор блога
      Анна Михайлова-Левина

      Жанна, спасибо за то, что написали. Действительно, 6 задание пропущено.
      Вот оно:
      Open the link and look at the picture. Answer the question below.

      What do you think is happening in this image?

      Watch the video “What is an Aurora” by NASA and check your guesses.


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