Many teachers would argue that Valentine’s Day is not an appropriate topic for discussion in primary school. While some teachers claim that it is an ‘adult’ theme, I totally disagree. First and foremost, we should remember that Love is beautiful in all ages, whether you are 7, 17 or 70. The next important thing is the necessary knowledge kids must have, to express their ideas on this topic in English. Taking into consideration students’ age and interests, here we present 10 activities that are not time-consuming and can be carried out either at the beginning or at the end of the lesson.

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“Heart” words

Separate your class into two teams. Give each of them colourful sheets of paper and two boxes. Set a time limit (1:00 — 1:30). Ask your students to cut out heart shapes and write words connected with ‘heart’ on them. When the time is over, tell your kids to put the ‘heart words’ into the box and give it to their opponents. They count the words and collect points. The team who has more appropriate words becomes the winner.

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Valentine’s Day Cards

Make Valentine cards with your students, give them necessary instructions, such as ‘take a sheet of paper, cut it, make a shape of heart, colour it, etc. With beginner students show gestures together with instructions so that they understand. Introduce some simple Valentine’s Day wishes and ask them to write on their cards.

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Notes of Kindness

Saint Valentine’s Day is about love, care and kindness. Put your students’ names in a box and get each person pick one. Tell your students to write a few good words about that person and exchange notes. This activity will create a kind and lovely atmosphere and your kids will practise positive personality adjectives.

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Action hearts

To play this game, first, you need to prepare heart cards with some actions on them. Ask your students to sit in a circle and lay the heart cards upside down on the table. Then have your students take turns picking up one heart card and carrying out the “actions” on the card. During this task your students will act like animals, spell the words, and tell their classmates why they like them.

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Love is…

This activity suits pre-intermediate learners to play in the classroom. Cut out the cards of “Love is” and ask your students to work in pairs and pick up one card for each pair. Set a time limit (2 minutes) and ask them to come up with possible ideas to continue the phrase “Love is” according to the cards.

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Heart collage

To carry out this activity you should tell your students before the lesson to bring their favourite photos with them. When in the classroom, give your kids sheets of paper, glue and scissors. Ask them to make a heart collage with their photos and explain why they have chosen these photos, what is special about them.

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Heart-Stopping Fun

This is a variation of the game Hot Potato but with heart cut-outs. Get ready with paper hearts in different colours. To start the game give the hearts to your kids, then play the music. Students pass their heart to the person on their right until the music stops. When the music stops, the teacher calls a colour. If a student has that colour he/she must spell the word the teacher says correctly. In case the student doesn’t manage to answer correctly, he/she goes out.  If the child gives the correct answer, he/she can continue playing the game. The winner is the person who stays in the game till the end.

The things and the people I love

Prepare colourful and ‘heartful’ sheets of paper and fill them with the following sentences:

  1. The food I love…
  2. The person I love…
  3. The actor I love…
  4. The singer I love…
  5. The dessert I love…
  6. The place I love…
  7. The country I love…
  8. The city I love…
  9. Colours I love…
  10. Games I love…

Cut them out and get your students each to pick one card. Have them tell you and their classmates about what they love and why they love.

Valentine Songs

Listening to Valentine songs will improve your students listening and pronunciation skills, and some of the songs will help them to have better spelling skills.

Replace Love

The following task is a nice tool to improve your students’ vocabulary and work on grammar — mainly on word order. Ask your kids to fix the word order based on the code to complete love sentences. The code must match the following.

Red    Blue   Orange

  1. Love I you
  2. I you adore
  3. Miss you I
  4. You respect I
  5. Hug I you
  6. Like I your hair
  7. I your eyes like

Which activity do you like most?

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