5 tips to manage the exhaustion in quarantine

We feel exhaustion, and in some cases, even fatigue these days, don’t we? It seems like we continue to do what we have done so far; we teach online, we check the tasks, we get new students and we assess their needs. However,  the level of stress and tiredness can build up. We should always remember that stress is cumulative. Let’s see what we can do these days to manage the stress and exhaustion.

Tip 1

Get enough sleep

Sleep is a crucial component because it helps the body to recharge and get ready for another day. Without enough sleep you will not be productive and concentrated; during the sleep your brain is able to filter the information and recover from mental exhaustion. Most of us are unaware of sleep debt; others may call it a sleep deficit. The issue here is that we sometimes think that we can make up for the lost sleep on Saturday and Sunday, while this is a wrong decision. As you sleep longer on weekends, you may go to bed later and the evil circle may start again. You will not be able to wake up early on Monday.

You should air the room, have the lights off, have no mobile, or any other gadget to navigate or play with. You may switch on some sounds of nature or some relaxing music.

Tip 2

Resisting information flow

We should not forget that our emotions, feelings, thoughts, and actions are interconnected, while negative energy derived from those thoughts and emotions can trap us in a vicious cycle. However, we are so excessively exposed to the news and information, causing panic and fear. Our body and brain experience intensive mental and physical pressure, we need a lot of energy to cope with this pressure.

And because now it will be ”luxury” to see a psychologist or friends, it will be much better if you do not access any news or material that can generate stress.

People find different ways to deal with this anxiety. Some read the Bible, others are interested in trans surfing, some find skyping their friends or family members very useful, others watch comedies. DO whatever works the best. It is the time when you justify any action that can relieve the stress. (It is a joke, of course).

Tip 3

Regular sport or exercise

Yes, that is true that you cannot go to the gym or to the park to jog. But there is always a solution. For example, I make sure that I walk for 45 or 50 minutes every other evening. I watch my favorite serial, or listen to my favorite singer’s album, and simply walk in the house. I sometimes feel unwilling to get up and walk, especially after many classes during the day, but as soon as I have done it, I feel that it was worth overcoming my laziness.

Even regular 5 min exercises daily will be useful to refresh your mind and make you feel relaxed and calm.

Tip 4

Keep things tidy and clean

The human body consists of thousands of organized cells that operate on strict schedules. Even at cell-level, humans are organized. Tidiness and neatness support our health, while chaos and dirt can ruin it.

You may be surprised but an arranged and organized room and a working table has a crucial role in managing the feeling of exhaustion and stress. When things around you look clean and tidy, you have the feeling of control over your life.

Tip 5

Find time to do something that you really enjoy doing

Even if it takes 30 min daily, do that. I like the coloring application on my phone. When I feel that I cannot be productive any more or I am stressed, I choose a nice picture and color it. For some people, it may seem nonsense. But I like it, and it enables me to see the colors around. Others may find different activities, not demanding mental activity, and that is fine.

We should not always act intellectual and smart. We should afford to do things that may seem meaningless, but they can still give us pleasure.

In short, keep your mind, emotions, and the surrounding under your control, do not read or listen to the news if it makes you stressed, find time for yourself, and keep your to-do list short. We may feel more tired those days, but stay positive and remember nothing stays forever, and this period will end soon.

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