Christmas is a magic time to watch films by the fireplace and drink hot chocolate. Watching Christmas movies in English opens new doors to the ESL learners. It enlarges their vocabulary and improves listening skills. It may also serve a great tool for boosting students’ speaking skills if you discuss the film at the lesson. Here you will find a presentation with the materials on a famous Christmas film “The princess switch” to discuss with your Intermediate students.

Film Storyline

Stacy DeNovo is a talented young baker who runs a successful pastry shop in Chicago with her best friend Kevin Richards. Kevin has a daughter named Olivia. Stacy has recently broken up with her boyfriend Paul. A week before Christmas, Kevin offers her to take part in a baking contest in the Kingdom of Belgravia. At first, she does not want, but then she changes her mind because a kind man on the street reminds her that Christmas wishes can come true.

In Belgravia, Stacy accidentally runs into Lady Margaret Delacourt, Duchess of Montenaro and fiancée of Crown Prince Edward of Belgravia. They are shocked by their identical looks. Margaret offers Stacy to switch their places for two days. They agree and teach each other how to behave themselves so that no one notices. In fact, two identical strangers spend a very good time. In the end, Margaret falls in love with Kevin and realises she does not want to be a princess. As for Stacy, she gets married with Prince and becomes a Princess.

Instructions on working with the Presentation

Step 1: As a warm-up activity discuss Christmas films with your students. Then on the next slide, you can find out whether they have ever watched “The Princess Switch”.

Step 2: Watch the trailer of the film and discuss it.

Step 3: Students watch the full movie at home, make some notes, write down the most important phrases and words (not more than 15) and get ready for the discussion.

Step 4: On the 5th slide students share their opinions about the film and then (Slide 6) do the quiz to check their knowledge.

Step 5: Students hold detailed discussions about the film (Slide 7).

Step 6: Then learners answer the questions about themselves using mostly Conditionals.

Step 7: Slide 9 is optional. If you think it will not suit your students’ interest, age or gender, you can skip it.

Have a great lesson!

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