The topic of future clauses is perhaps one of the most complicated grammar materials for lots of English learners. It requires huge knowledge not only of the construction of various Future tenses but also Conditionals and many more. If you have already covered all the necessary topics for Future clauses, here is a test that will help you to find out how well your students cope with it. The test is mainly designed for Intermediate — Upper-Intermediate learners.

— We won’t be able to go out if it is raining/unless it is raining/if it rains/unless it will rain.

— Tom will turn off the lights when he will leave/ is going to leave/when he leaves/is leaving the office.

— Jane will call her mother if she arrives/ as soon as she arrives/as soon as she is arriving/if she will arrive at the airport.

— You can play in the garden when you have finished your homework/when you will finish your homework/ unless you finish your homework/ as soon as you will finish your homework.

— If my husband cooks, he burns/is burning/will be burning/is going to burn the food.

— I’ll be waiting outside unless you speak to the doctor/ while you speak to the doctor/while you are speaking to the doctor / once you speak to the doctor.

— I’ll contact you once I receive/when I will receive/as soon as I will receive/until I receive the results of the test.

— I won’t cross the street until the light is green/when the light is green/unless the light will be green/until the light will be green.

— I will tell Harry the news the moment when I am seeing him/the moment I see him/the moment I will see him/the day I will see him.

— I will reply to his email after I’ve discussed/after I will discuss/when I will have discussed/unless I will discuss the matter with my boss.

— You will be notified the minute your order will arrive/is arrived/ will have arrived/ arrives.

— You can use my car as long as you drive/ if you will drive/ when you are driving/unless you will drive carefully.

— I will be off now until there is/until there will be/unless there is/after there will be anything left to do.

— Will Frank come with us if we go/when we will go/in case we are going/unless we go to the beach at the weekend?

Providing the weather is/if the weather will be good,/when the weather will be good/unless the weather will be good we’re going to have a picnic tomorrow.

When it is getting/when it gets/when it will get/if it will get cold, I will light the fire.

— If you heat ice, it is melted/melts/is going to melt/will melt.

— I will take some pills in case I have/if I will have/when I will have/unless I will have a headache.

— I won’t go out until I will tidy/until I tidy/unless I tidy/unless I will tidy my room.

— Tom will call you back as soon as he has/when he will have/as soon as he will have/unless he doesn’t have free time.

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