The school year is hard and both teachers and students are waiting to finish it. The educational process is both inspiring and energy-consuming. Therefore, teachers must plan the last month at school very effectively. This is the time of the year which can be used to its fullest potential to fill the gaps. 

Here are some nice tips which can help teachers smoothen the pressure of the last teaching month.

  1. Keep organized and planned

Though some teachers may think that the year is coming to end and they can neglect planning and keeping things organized, this is the period of the year when assignments can sneak up on you and you need to be super flexible. The best way to avoid feeling overwhelmed is to arrange things done in a timely and orderly manner without being rushed. Apart from being able to assess students impartially, you will spend time with your family guilt-free because you have an organized plan for all of your assignments.

Give students more freedom. Let them have the end of the year projects that require less lesson planning from you (business plan, presentations on celebrities, dream house design, etc).  

If you feel too tired to design materials for online lessons, use ready-made online worksheets, interactive games or presentations we have designed for your lessons.

  1. Follow a healthy diet

From my own experience, I can tell that unhealthy meal intake can influence badly on the overall productivity as a teacher and lead to anxiety and tiredness. Therefore, especially at the end of the school-year try eating more vegetables and fruits to keep the body energized and fresh. 

  1. Take time off away from your computer

Taking time out for yourself is very important, especially in times where being overwhelmed is a fact. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to walk away from your computer after lessons or during breaks. While relaxing during the breaks, try to put away your mobile phone as well.

  1. Some Other Activities
  • Organize a «day out» in a museum. In the current epidemic situation, a lot of museums offer virtual tours. Make use of this advantage and ask students to share their impression after taking the tour either via voice messages or video presentations. 
  • Award those students who use positive words, smile and are polite to others the most during the last month. You can allocate extra points to them, send a collection of short stories, present a pen (in case of face-to-face classes). 
  • Ask students to prepare a short talk on 10 achievements that they have had during the school year. At the end of each session give them some time to present their points. This will keep you happy and appreciated as a teacher throughout the last month at school. 

All these tips will relieve the stress connected with the end-of-the-year hustle and bustle and make you proud of the job that you have done with your lovely students. 

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    Interactive games and presentations will save any situation
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