Are you a fluent English speaker? Skyeng started a new project Life — now you can host online events and webinars in English and get paid for doing it!

What is Life?

Life is a project where charismatic streamers share their insights and unique experiences on Zoom. Discuss your favourite topics, help others learn new skills, and build your personal brand.

At Life, we inspire and teach something new every day: yoga, dance classes, fitness, cooking, psychology, public speaking — anything you want to speak about.

Join Life — online streaming events in English

How is it any different from streaming on Twitch?

For a Life speaker, this is speaking practice in its most concentrated form. You can share your experience in any field: cooking, yoga, local attractions — or you can play intellectual games with the group.

For English learners, this format assumes that they need to use all their knowledge of English in a real environment. Life prepares them to work in an English-speaking company or even to live abroad, but most importantly — to solve real problems.

What do I need for a start?

You only need a basic streaming setup — good Internet connection, a mic, and a webcam. We will handle the rest:

— No followers required — we’ll advertise the stream and find your audience for you;

— Less preparation time — our content team will help with the script and the presentation;

— Full support — you don’t have to worry about technical issues;

— Extra income guaranteed payment for every stream.

What comes up after I sign up?

You are expected to record a short audio fragment to showcase your English. After that we will kindly ask you to test your setup by making a short video. Soon after that you will be able to start streaming with a live audience.

Join Life streamer community and let English guide you to your passion!

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