Motivational strategies in the language classroom by Zoltan Dornyei

‘Everything a teacher does in the classroom has a motivational influence’, claims Zoltan Dornyei, a professor of psycholinguistics at the University of Nottingham. In his book ‘Motivational strategies in the language classroom’ he considers important factors that impact the desire to learn.

   Motivation is a term that explains why people decide to do something and how hard and how long they are going to continue doing it. If they are enthusiastic and dedicated, they are called ‘motivated’. Factors that inspire people are different so motivational strategies can’t be equally effective for everyone. They prove to be prominent for some learners and useless for others. 

   The book presents practical recommendations for teachers who work with groups. But they can be easily adapted to individual classes. Regrettably not all the tips can be applied to comprehensive schools where teachers are under enormous pressure to cover the curriculum in large classes.

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  Zoltan Dornyei presented different techniques to inspire people who study English and make teaching an enjoyable and fulfilling process. A detailed description and more strategies can be found in the book ‘Motivational strategies in the language classroom.’

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