Everybody likes holidays. Especially those which are connected with food. On the 5th of February, there is a holiday not many people know about. It’s called “World Nutella Day”. I guess this yummy day can inspire you to organize a lesson around it. Here we go!

Warm up

Option 1 — Ask your student to close eyes and give her/him to taste Nutella. The student should guess what it is with eyes closed. You can also ask to describe what he/she feels/tastes and tell associations. 

Option 2 — Show a picture and ask your student whether he/she knows what it is. (key: hazelnut butter with cocoa)

World Nutella Day: lesson ideas

Then ask some other questions e.g.

Have you tried it? Is it tasty?

Do your children like it?

What can you cook using it?


Read the text called “10 things you didn’t know about Nutella”

Ask your student whether he/she knew about this before. Then ask some questions to check your student e.g.

When was Nutella created? (in the 1940s)

Which ingredients were used? (hazelnuts and a little cocoa)

What does the suffix “ella” mean? (It means “sweet” in Latin)

What other famous brands does Ferrero SpA produce? (Ferrero Rocher chocolates)


Nutella is partly made of chocolate. Let your student listen to the audio about chocolate and choose TRUE or FALSE:

  1. The author dislikes chocolate.

(FALSE. He is sure everybody loves it) 

  1. He thinks chocolate is the best invention (TRUE, he thinks it’s one of the best inventions ever)
  2. He seldom eats it (FALSE. He eats chocolate daily)
  3. He says chocolate can be harmful (TRUE, it’s bad for teeth and it can make us fat)

Then ask your student’s opinion:

Do you agree with the author? How often do you consume chocolate? Don’t you think it’s bad?

Video + vocabulary 

Turn on the video recipe 

Ask some questions based on it:

What is she cooking? (key: cookies)

What are the ingredients used? (butter, sugar, milk, Nutella, peanut butter, vanilla extract, rolled oats)

Why is the recipe easy? (because you don’t need to turn on the oven)

Take a look at new words used in a video:

— Oven

— Pan

— Rubber spatula 

— Tablespoon 

— To stir

— To harden 

— Divine

— Smooth

— Lumps

Ask your student to match each with a picture: 

World Nutella Day: lesson ideas

Then, organize a discussion in order to practice new words. Possible questions:

What food do you think is divine?

Do you prefer to bake your food in an oven or to fry it in a pan?

How much sugar do you usually put in a tea/coffee cup?

Why do we need rubber spatulas?

Which vegetables are smooth?

What other dishes can we cook using Nutella?

Time to be creative!

Take a look at these commercials:

World Nutella Day: lesson ideas

The task for your student: “Imagine you work in marketing. Create a slogan for Nutella advertising!”

If you work with a group, you may even organize a competition and give a jar of Nutella to those who wins!

Social networks are in!

If you use a tag #nutelladay on Instagram* you will find out lots of funny pictures. Here are some:

World Nutella Day: lesson ideas
Source: Cosmopolitan Hungary
World Nutella Day: lesson ideas
Source: @iamfaizza
World Nutella Day: lesson ideas
Source: @popxodaily

Tell your student: “We can see that there are lots of English-speaking Nutella fans. Does this hazelnut butter have the same popularity in your country?”


Find more pictures using #nutella #nutelladay tags in different social networks. Make some screenshots of posts you like the most.

*Instagram belongs to Meta Platforms Inc., whose activities are recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation.
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