You are an ESL teacher and you are wondering how to bring a festive mood into your classroom? You came to the right place. Since winter holidays are on their way, we are doing our best to provide teachers with the best and necessary materials to make the most of holiday lessons.

This, of course, can’t be done without taking into account the crucial role of vocabulary in language learning. Idioms and idiomatic phrases are a huge part of the English language. Hence we must teach our students idioms. And winter holidays are a great time to introduce students to Christmas and New Year’s idioms. In our previous article you will find Winter idioms and other expressions with their meanings and activities.

Without further ado, here are 15 Christmas and New Year idioms with their definitions and online exercises to practise them. The exercises are suitable for the Intermediate level. 

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Task 1. Quizlet Cards

In this set of online memory cards, students will learn 15 Christmas and New Year’s idioms with their definitions. With the help of spelling, matching, and writing exercises they will remember the idioms more properly.

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Task 2. Fill in the gaps with the missing idioms

Here students have more practice by trying to fill in the gaps with the idioms they have already learnt.

Task 3. Choose the appropriate idioms

In this Learning Apps exercise there are some more idioms left to practise. And this is where your students will revise the idioms one more time.

Task 4. Vocabulary test

And now it is time to check how well your students know Christmas and New Year’s idioms and idiomatic phrases

These online exercises will help your students learn fast and easily and use them in their speech.

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