IELTS vocabulary: Technology

IELTS vocabulary: Technology

Learning the Academic wordlist for international English exams is one of the key elements to success. Taking into consideration its great importance we have already published articles on TOEFL vocabulary: Environment and IELTS vocabulary: Health with Quizlet cards which will help students learn and revise words more quickly and have tangible results. And here you will find some new cards on the topic of “Technology”. Words are mainly taken from IELTS coursebooks (Complete IELTS bands 6.5 -7.5, Ready For IELTS: Coursebook by Sam McCarter, Vocabulary for IELTS for answers). 

Speaking activities are, obviously, essential for English language speaking classes. A lot of students join classes particularly to develop their communicative competence, become more fluent, versatile, adaptable, and confident communicators in English. However, designing speaking activities might be time-consuming and nerve-wracking for any teacher. We have prepared a memo with superb ready-made speaking tasks that will make your student talking. Download it here.

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