У вас уже есть планы на новогодние каникулы? Чем заняться в праздничные дни, чтобы запомнилось надолго? Предлагаем вам урок по теме «Cultural and mass events on New Year holidays», где мы обсудим планы ребят, афишу, а также плохой опыт посещения культурно-массовых мероприятий.


  • практика конструкции to be going to 
  • повторение Past Simple в контексте «Cultural and mass events on New Year holidays»

План урока:

  1. Warm up
  2. Lead-in
  3. Task: List of events in your city
  4. Grammar task: to be going to (revision)
  5. Task: Awful experience
  6. Share experience
  7. Sum up

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1. Warm up

You can say: 

Do you have any plans for the coming holidays? Would you like to spend these days actively? Do you check a list of events in your town/city? 

2. Lead-in

You can say:

Look at this picture. Is this city decorated? Is it ready for the New Year?

The New Year is the most important holiday on the Russian calendar. New Year in Russia is a time to be together with family and friends, for gift giving, decorating trees, and even watching and setting off fireworks. New Year holidays in Russia last for over a week, beginning on New Year’s Eve and spanning beyond Orthodox Christmas on January 7th.

Do we have many days off? How long do your holidays at school last?

3. Task: List of events in your city

You can say:

Let’s monitor a list of events in your city. 

Match pictures with activities.


  • to go to the cinema (What film/cartoon is now on? Would you like to see it?)
  • to go to the theatre (What performances are now at your local theatre?)
  • to go to the museum/factory of Christmas glass balls (Have you ever been to this museum? Would you like to go and see how these glass balls are produced?)
  • to go to the chocolate factory (What is your favourite chocolate: milk or dark, with nuts or with berries?)
  • to visit handicraft workshops (Gingerbread, paint a glass ball, make your Christmas wreath)
  • to walk at the Christmas market (Would you like to drink cocoa and eat some cookies?)
  • to go to the skating rink (Can you skate?)
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Say: It is boring / exciting / funny / interesting / awful 

4. Grammar task: to be going to (revision)

You can say:

Look at these children. Where are they going?

  1. They __________ (go to the cinema). I love the Paddington movie.
  2. My classmates __________ (walk at the Christmas market) to drink some hot chocolate.
  3. Her son likes DIY, he __________ (to visit handicraft workshops). It will be a nice present for his mother.
  4. I __________ (not to go to the theater), because I am not a fan of it.
  5. We __________ (to skate) on the open skating rink near my house.

What are your plans for the holidays? What mass events are you going to visit?

5. Task: Awful experience

You can say:

Let’s read some comments about bad experiences visiting some events.

Mary: Last year, I went to the skating rink. I am bad at skating. There were many people on the skating rink. I fell down and broke an arm. So, it was a bad idea to learn how to skate when crowds of people push you.

Peter: Last year, my mom bought tickets for the opera Morozko. I like theatre, but I realised that I am not a fan of opera singing. Though the decorations of the winter forest were beautiful.

Max: It was my first and last visit to ballet. We booked tickets for the ballet Nutcracker a month before. They were expensive. I was sleeping as a baby the whole performance because I liked this nice classical music.
  1. Find all verbs in Past Simple. Say three forms of verbs. Match them.

Buy (– bought – bought)
Be (– was/were – been)
Go (– went – gone)
Fall (– fell – fallen)

  1. Answer these questions
  1. Did Mary ski last year?
  2. Did she break her leg?
  3. Did Peter go to the theatre?
  4. Is he a fan of opera?
  5. Did Max watch the ballet?
  6. Were tickets cheap?

Советуем заглянуть и в эти статьи:

6. Task: Share your experience

You can say:

  • What did you do during last winter holidays?
  • What events did you visit?
  • Who did you visit it with?
  • Why did you like it? Why didn’t you like it?

Sort these activities:

To ski, skate, go to the cinema, watch a film at home, play computer games. Chat with friends, meet and talk with friends, stay at home, sleep, eat sweets, go to cooking master class, visit theatre, visit a VR museum.

What do you choose: to be active or passive during your winter holidays?

Make a list of activities you want to do and events you would like to visit.

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7. Sum up

What can you do:

  • Speak about my plans
  • Tell someone about my past events
  • Make a list of events I want to visit

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