Сериал «Секс в большом городе» (18+) стал культовым не только из-за неожиданных сюжетных поворотов. Он отлично раскрывает тему женской дружбы, а образы главных героинь покорили женщин по всему миру. Мы составили план урока для взрослых учеников с уровнем Intermediate и выше. Студенты смогут обсудить темы дружбы и моды, практиковать разговорную речь и пополнить словарный запас. 

Lesson plan:

Task 1. Warm-up 

Начните урок с обсуждения вопросов. 

Look at the pictures and answer the questions. 

sex and the city lesson plan 2 Skyteach
Image by halayalex on Freepik
sex and the city lesson plan 1 Skyteach
Image by lookstudio on Freepik
  1. What can you see in these two pictures? 
  2. How do you think they are connected?  
Key: Accept any answers in this step. 

Task 2. Lead-in

Чтобы вовлечь учеников в тему урока, включите саундтрек (без видео) сериала “Sex and the city” (18+). Узнайте, знакома ли им эта музыка.

Listen to music and answer the questions. 

Does this music sound familiar to you?   

Дождитесь ответа, включите видео и спросите:

Have you seen this TV series? When did you first see it? 

Еще больше планов уроков:

Task 3. Characters

Покажите ученикам фотографию с главными героинями и спросите: Do you remember the main characters’ names? 

Key: Samantha, Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte. 

Если они затрудняются ответить, включите видео “Power-hungry New York Women” из первого эпизода первого сезона “Sex and the City” (18+). Можете включить только следующие моменты 00:00-00:14; 00:55-1:32; 03:04-03:16.

Затем спросите: “Do you think that friends should have similar interests/hobbies? Why (not)?” Дождитесь ответа и дайте студентам список прилагательных и попросите использовать их для описания главных персонажей.

whip-smart, empathetic, self-sufficient, relatable, level-headed, stubborn, romantic, pragmatic, sensitive, spontaneous, ambitious, straight-shooting, introspective, conservative, self-absorbed, creative, supportive, loyal.
Possible answers: 

Carrie — romantic, spontaneous, self-absorbed, creative, introspective.
Charlotte — romantic, conservative, loyal, supportive, empathetic.
Samantha — ambitious, stubborn, self-sufficient, straight-shooting, whip-smart.
Miranda — relatable, level-headed, pragmatic, sensitive.

You may need to explain some words. 

self-absorbed — only interested in yourself and your own activities.
introspective — examining and considering your own ideas, thoughts, and feelings.
empathetic — showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
self-sufficient — having everything that you need yourself and not needing help from others. 
straight-shooting — honest and forthright. 
whip-smart — very quick-witted and intelligent.
level-headed — calm and sensible.
relatable — that someone can understand or feel sympathy for.

В конце упражнения спросите:

Are they more similar or different? Does it influence their friendship? If so, then how?   

Task 4. Quotes 

Выберите несколько цитат из фильма и попросите учеников выполнить задание.

These quotes are from the movie “Sex and the city” (18+). Continue them with your own ideas. Then check the answers. Say if you agree or disagree with them and why. 

  1. There is always one thing you should take out with you on a Saturday night__________.
  2. It’s hard to find people who will love you__________.
  3. You’ll never get through it _____________.
  4. Friendships don’t magically  _____________.
  5. It’s comforting to know the ones you love are always____________.

1. ”There Is Always One Thing You Should Take Out With You On A Saturday Night: Your Friends.”
2. ”It’s Hard To Find People Who Will Love You No Matter What.”
3. ”…You’ll Never Get Through It Without Your Friends.”
4. ”Friendships Don’t Magically Last 40 Years.”
5. ”It’s Comforting To Know The Ones You Love Are Always In Your Heart.”

Завершите обсуждение дружбы: 

  1. Is it easier to make friends as a child or an adult? Why?
  2. How many friends do you think a person needs to feel happy?
  3. What is the most important thing for you in friendship? 
Еще больше идей к урокам про дружбу можете найти в статье Friendship day: lesson ideas.

Task 5. Fashion 

Чтобы плавно перейти к теме моды, спросите: 

  1. When you meet your friends, do you pay attention to what they are wearing? 
  2. And do you pay attention to movie characters’ outfits? 

Покажите ученикам несколько образов персонажей без лиц. Попросите студентов описать их (стиль, цвета) и угадать героинь. Например, Miranda’s style is practical and bright. Затем узнайте, какой образ им больше нравится и почему. 

Look at the characters’ outfits. Describe them and try to guess who it is. 

Дайте ученикам проверить свои ответы и спросите:

  • Whose style do you like more? Why? 
  • Would you wear the same clothes as they do? If not, why? 

Task 6. New season. Discussion

Обсудите с учениками трейлер второго сезона «И просто так» (18+).

Have you seen the trailer for season 2 “And Just Like That” (the Sex and the City revival)? 

  1. If so, did you like it? Why? 
  2. If not, do you think it will be better than the previous releases? Why?

Watch the official trailer “And Just Like That” and answer the questions. 

  1. What scene does the trailer start with? 
  2. Are you interested to know what will happen to them in this season?

1. It starts with Carrie opening a box. 

Task 7. New season. Vocabulary 

В трейлере есть слова, а также сленговые фразы, которые могут быть интересны ученикам. После просмотра трейлера покажите их студентам и попросите найти значения.  

  1. to move on 
  2. to outgrow 
  3. to repurpose 
  4. to get through 
  5. to be on the precipice of something 
  6. liberating 
  7. to be wasted 
  8. to do some shots 
  9. blissfully 
  10. one-night stand (you may want to skip this phrase if your students are uncomfortable about the topic)
a) to pass a difficult or testing experience or period
b) to put a difficult or bad experience behind one and progress mentally or emotionally 
c) to change for your new purpose 
d) to be very drunk
e) unaware of the unpleasant facts about something
f) to be very close to a bad or dangerous situation
g) a sexual relationship lasting only one night
h) to drink a small amount of alcohol out of a tiny shot glass
i) to grow too large or too mature for 
j) making you feel free

1. to move on — b) to put a difficult or bad experience behind one and progress mentally or emotionally 
2. to outgrow — i) to grow too large or too mature for 
3. to repurpose — c) to change for your new purpose 
4. to get through — a) to pass a difficult or testing experience or period
5. to be on the precipice of something — f) to be very close to a bad or dangerous situation
6. liberating — j) making you feel free
7. to be wasted — d) to be very drunk
8. to do some shots — h) to drink a small amount of alcohol out of a tiny shot glass
9. blissfully — e) unaware of the unpleasant facts about something
10. one-night stand — g) a sexual relationship lasting only one night

Task 8. How they have changed

Включите трейлер еще раз и спросите: 

Have the main characters changed? If so, then how? 

How is Carrie dressed? What about the other characters?

Покажите несколько скринов из разных эпизодов/фильмов (например, 1998, 2010, 2023 и т. д.), где будет видна одежда героев. Ученикам нужно угадать, из какого фильма эти кадры. 

Look at the pictures and try to guess which year it is according to the characters’ outfits. Then say which one you like more.

  • What things have changed and stayed the same since the filming of the first episode?  
  • Has the characters’ friendship changed? If so, then how? 
  • Which outfits from the movie are now fashionable and which are old-fashioned in your opinion? 

Task 9. Discussion

Чтобы завершить тему моды, обсудите следующие вопросы: 

  1. How much time and money do you usually spend on clothes?
  2. What fashion brands do you know?
  3. Is a fashion brand important for you?
  4. How does fashion affect our lives?
  5. What do most people like to wear these days?

На чем основана программа
онлайн-школы Skyeng

Отвечаем в подробностях на частый вопрос студентов и учителей.

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Task 10. Summary 

Для подведения итогов обсудите вопросы:

  1. Are you going to watch the second season “And Just Like That”? 
  2. Do you think there will be season 3? Would you like to? Why (not)?
  3. Do you know other movies/TV series about friendship and fashion? If so, can you name some of them?

Больше идей для уроков можете найти в статьях:

Какие из этих тем вашим ученикам нравится обсуждать на уроках английского? 

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