Working online makes teachers reluctantly go digital. Whether you want or not, you can’t get into the ‘online world’ with your traditional blue and red pens, and blackboards. The topic of online teaching, useful resources and tools have been touched upon many times by the authors of our blog. So, on our website, you can find How to start teaching onlineWhat makes a good remote teacherDigital resources that will make a teacher’s life easierGoogle Slides, Google DocsGoogle SheetsGoogle Classroom, etc. This time we want to present to you a website called “Classtools” and what teachers can find on it.

What is it? is a free website for teachers created by a History teacher Russel Tarr. Having good knowledge in programming he made up his mind to create web-designed classroom tools that may come in handy for different situations and purposes.

Spin the wheel

If you want to make your speaking activities more engaging, productive and interesting, then this tool will meet your expectations. It is very easy to create this game and you can adapt it to any topic of the discussion and any level. You can make up questions to practise specific grammar or vocabulary. So, if you want to improve your students’ knowledge in Present Simple and Present Continuous, here are some questions that you may use in your game.

Do you usually read books in English or in your native language?

— Are you staying with your Grandparents this week?

— What TV shows do you watch when you have free time?

— How are you feeling today?

— Where do you live?

— When does your friend get up?

— What do you usually do when you are on holiday?

— Does your friend have a pet?

— What films are you watching these days?

— Where does your mother work?


Fling the teacher

This tool helps you to create a game similar to “Who wants to be a millionaire?”. There should be 15 multiple-choice questions. Students have three options for help — to ask a friend, to ask the audience, or to delete 2 wrong answers. The questions may be connected with various grammar and vocabulary topics that you have already covered with your students. Though it is meant for individual work, but your students can also play it in pairs thus boosting their team-working skills.

Count Down Timer

Count down timer is a great tool. Since students know that they have limited time to complete the task, count down timer helps students get an intuitive sense of time and focus better on tasks. Teachers can also use classroom timers when playing hot potato, timed-quizzes and turn-taking games. The special thing about this count down timer is that you can choose one of these set tunes from YouTube or provide a YouTube URL.

3D Gallery Template

This tool works well for practising Present Continuous and adjectives. You can upload any image that you want and prepare a 3D Gallery for your students. Give proper instructions to your students to describe the pictures using Present Continuous. If necessary, you can also write down some words to use in the description.


Use this tool to create interactive crossword quizzes that can be embedded on your own website or blog. ESL crosswords may be connected with English vocabulary as well as grammar. All the necessary information on how to create crosswords you can find on the website.

Hopefully, the tools that the website provides will make your online classes more interactive and lesson planning easier and not time-consuming.

Share in the comments below if you use any of them in your ESL classroom.

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