Herbert Puchta

Herbert Puchta

Let’s continue to learn more about famous ELT experts. In the previous article, we got acquainted with David Crystal. In this article, I’m going to talk about Herbert Puchta.

Herbert Puchta is a well-known ELT author; course and methodology books writer and an international teacher trainer. He’s been involved in ELT for more than 30 years. Herbert Puchta holds a PhD in English, he’s been Professor of English at the Teacher Training University in Graz and President of IATEFL. Herbert has been a plenary speaker at different international conferences, given many seminars and workshops for teachers around the world. 

Herbert is a practitioner in neurolinguistic programming. He has researched the application of cognitive psychology in EFL-teaching. As a result, Puchta’s books are based not only on the real-life experience of teaching but on the research from psychology, linguistics, pedagogy and brain researches. He applies all this knowledge from different areas to the language classroom to make the learning process more effective, engaging and successful.

Puchta’s approach to high-quality books depends on three key elements: 

  • A positive learning  
  • Compelling content
  • Teaching with the brain in mind.

You can read more about this on his website

As I mentioned above, Pucha has written many books, both for learners and teachers. I’ll cover some I’m acquainted with and find practical and helpful.

Resource books

  1. Teaching young learners to think

This book includes 80 photocopiable activities with teacher’s notes. The tasks improve young learners’ both language and thinking skills.

2. Teaching Grammar creatively

This book includes more than 50 activities and lessons on various grammar structures, for different levels and age groups. It makes teaching grammar full of fun, ignites students’ imagination and creativity. As a result, it makes teaching grammar quite effective. There are 2 sections in each lesson: Language Awareness Activities (presentation and first practice) and Creative Grammar Practice (extra deeper and more personalised practice). At the end of each lesson, students create their own text (a rhyme or a story).

3. Multiple intelligences in EFL

This book covers the latest research on the topic, clarifies how to teach students with different intelligence types; includes lots of lessons full of fun that activate multiple intelligences. 


  1. Playway to English

It’s a great 4-level course for preschool children. It includes music, TPR exercises, games, chants, songs, stories, rhymes, sketches, flashcards. The lessons are engaging, entertaining and dynamic. 

2. Super minds

It’s a 5-level course for primary students. It includes engaging characters with superpowers, exam-type tasks to get students with YLE format. There are many craft and TPR activities, guided visualisation exercises, stories,  CLIL lessons, social values to discuss, chants, songs; tasks that develop students’ thinking skills. 

3. More!

It’s a 4-level course for lower secondary students. Besides grammar, vocabulary and skills sections there are culture, extra reading tasks and CLIL sections. It includes Cyber Homework with two sets of online exercises per unit, there’s automatic marking and messaging with students. In addition, there’s a Classware interactive whiteboard software CD-ROM where you can use the student’s book in an interactive format.

You can also find Puchta’s useful handouts from the events, videos with practical teaching tips and articles

Read Herbert’s tips and watch his videos on teaching, try out his books and make your lessons more fun and your teaching more effective!

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