Anti-Valentine’s Day (worksheet)

Anti-Valentine’s Day (worksheet)

February 14, is known for celebrating Valentine’s Day. In our blog, we have plenty of ideas about how to conduct such thematic lessons. But what if this time we told you you could surprise your students with some uncommon anti Valentine’s Day activities?

This worksheet will delight your students with unconventional exercises and promote their critical thinking. Moreover, it will encourage them to participate in debates, create rhymes, and come up with party plans in English. This worksheet is designed to boost their speaking and listening skills along with creativity and imaginativeness.

Lesson type: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing.

Age: 14+

Level: Intermediate and higher 

Time: 50 minutes

Number of students: an individual or a group lesson 

Task 1. Make a guess 

Look at the picture. What does it symbolise? Can you guess what we’re going to talk about in our lesson today?

Task 2. Lead-in. Discussion. 

Millions of people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, but there are others who are against this holiday just like Grinch is against Christmas and probably just like Grinch those people have their reasons to hate the 14th of February. 

  1. What might those reasons be?
  2. What’s your attitude to this holiday?
  3. Do you think it’s rational to hate Valentine’s Day?
  4. Do you know the history of Valentine’s Day?
  5. What about Anti Valentine’s Day? Do you think there’s any background to mark this day? 
  6. Are there any well-known traditions for Anti Valentine’s Day?

Yes, there’s also a meaning in this type of holiday. Let’s look at it in our next step.

Task 3. Create a definition of the word. 

Some of the definitions are: 

Adapted from UrbanDictionary. 

Go on and create your own definition of Anti-Valentine’s Day. 

Task 4. Watch the video 

Watch the video with some ideas about how to throw an Anti-Valentine’s Party. Think over the questions. 

  1. What ideas surprised you most? 
  2. Which ones weren’t that impressive? 
  3. What would you change to improve the dull ideas? 
  4. What do you think of the colors and the decorations the woman in the video offers for this party? 

Task 5. Create a party plan 

Imagine you needed to create an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party. How would you organise it? What activities would you suggest for this event? 

Write your plan of the activities and share it with your classmates/teacher. 

You can study our examples for “Music and Movie” and “Foods and Drinks”. Continue the plan with your own ideas

Task 6. Come up with a rhyme. 

You’ve definitely heard that funny rhyme: 

Roses are red, 

Violets are blue.

Sugar is sweet.

And so are you.

Well, that’s the original version. Now you need to create the negative or joking ones just like this one: 

Roses are red; 

Violets are blue, 

Oranges are orange, 

They are simply a fruit.

Task 7. A hot debate 

Now, let’s see where you stand in this joking battle. Are you a Valentine’s Day follower or are you in an opposite group? Choose your side and find as many drawbacks for your opponent as you can.

Look at the picture below to see how to start a debate. 

Go on with your debate and try to keep it going as long as you can. 

Task 8. Play Bingo 

Look at this unconventional bingo. Go to the virtual link and cross out the things that match your personality or your experience. 

Ask each other some of the following questions: 

  1. Are you looking for a romantic relationship now?
  2. Have you ever been “friendzoned”? Or have you “friendzoned” someone?
  3. Do you have pets? What are they ? Can they be your valentine?
  4. Are you a romantic person?
  5. In your opinion, what does it mean to be “a hopeless romantic”?
  6. What’s your attitude to the phrase “You complete me”?
  7. What do you think about people who choose to be single for years? 
  8. What does “love” mean to you?

You can even create another bingo similar to this and share it with your peers. 

Which do your students prefer: Valentine Day or Anti Valentine Day?

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