Children’s rights (Worksheet for Intermediate and higher levels)

The worksheet’s goal is to raise awareness about children’s rights and how they are currently treated by various actors. This includes governments, humanitarian organisations, children’s family and friends, and others.

The lesson plan consists of vocabulary practice, reading tasks, and collaborative speaking assignments. You and your students will delve into the controversial subjects of child labor, children’s rights violations, and come up with working ideas on how different groups of society may make a difference for the better. Recommended for ESL students at the B1+ and higher levels.


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  • Дарья

    Очень актуальная тема. Но, к сожалению, план урока так и не пришел(

    • Мария Короткова

      Здравствуйте! Мы проверили и заметили, что вы отписались от нашей рассылки, поэтому письма с воркшитами перестали приходить вам на почту(


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