The lesson plan is based on the materials provided by the Travli.NET foundation. The topic of bullying is traditionally seen as a taboo for discussion during a lesson. Yet, it has always been quite relevant in a context of nationality-based discrimination and oppression.

The lesson seeks to provide not only linguistic but also conceptual value by showing teachers how to build a lesson around a PARSNIP topic that becomes necessary to shed light on at some point. Beyond that, both teachers and students have a chance to fill in their information gap on how to prevent bullying from occurring.

  • Worksheet suitable for: B2 to C1 / Upper-intermediate to Advanced
  • Number of students: 1-12
  • Lesson duration: 40-45 minutes 
  • Topic: Bullying, discrimination and assertive behaviour

Target skills and sub-skills

  1. reception — reading for information and argument
  2. oral production — sustaining a monologue: describing experiences
  3. interaction: goal-oriented cooperation
  4. mediating communication — facilitating communication in delicate situations and disagreements

Lesson aims

By the end of the lesson, students will have:

  • gained awareness of bullying on the basis of nationality, race and ethnicity;
  • gained awareness of assertive behaviour as one of the ways to defend one’s boundaries.
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Teacher’s Notes

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