While getting ready for the TOEFL exam, one of the most challenging and perhaps difficult parts is revising or learning the Academic Wordlist. Exam takers may encounter new words not only in the reading section, but also in the listening one, and this usually hinders their good result. To enrich and to practice student’s vocabulary we have designed TOEFL Vocabulary Quizlet cards on the topic of “Environment”.

  1. decay — the process of gradually becoming inferior
  2. instigate — provoke or stir up; start
  3. transience — an impermanence that suggests the inevitability of ending or dying
  4. mortality — the state of being subject to death
  5. alter — change
  6. consume — use, take in
  7. emerge — come into existence
  8. trigger — something that sets in motion some course of action, process or events; cause
  9. impact — influence
  10. varying — different
  11. maternal nurturing — motherly care
  12. offspring — children
  13. toxin — poison
  14. Therapy — treatment
  15. counter — to speak in response to a statement or idea that you disagree with; to oppose
  16. evolution — development, advancement
  17. resource — material, supply
  18. assemble — collect, gather
  19. survival — continued existence, endurance
  20. conceive — envision, visualize
  21. glacier — A very large mass of ice that moves very slowly
  22.  heatwave — A wave of unusually hot weather
  23.  vanish — become invisible or unnoticeable
  24. emission — the production and discharge of something, especially gas or radiation
  25. fluctuation — change
  26. expansion — spreading out
  27. credence — belief
  28.  collision — crash
  29. descendant — someone who is related to someone who lived a long time
  30. revenue — profit

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