With this worksheet, your students will be deep in the mood of this holiday of love, master their skills of saying compliments and watch an exciting fairy-tale. It is designed for elementary level students aged 7-10. 

There are tasks related to thematic vocabulary, grammar exercises about comparative and superlative forms of adjectives and also listening comprehension. At the end of the lesson students will make a Valentine’s Day card and if you want them to make it by themselves, prepare templates and crayons in advance.

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Task 1. Warm-up

Watch the video and catch the mood of today’s class.

Task 2. Lead-in

When do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

  1. February 14
  2. March 8
  3. February 23

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of ____ ?

  1. chocolate
  2. love
  3. kindness

Task 3. Vocabulary

Read the words. Match them with the pictures.

valentines day worksheet 1 Skyteach
valentines day worksheet 2 Skyteach

Task 4. Solve the riddles

Read the riddles and guess the answers.

valentines day worksheet 3 Skyteach
valentines day worksheet 4 Skyteach

Task 5. Poem

Read a Valentine poem.

To my Valentine

If apples were pears,
And peaches were plums,
And the rose had a different name,
If tigers were bears,
And fingers were toes,
I’d love you just the same.

Create your own Valentine poem.

To my Valentine

If ____ were ____ ,
And ____ were ____ ,
And the rose had a different name,
If ____ were ____ ,
And ____ were ____ ,
I’d love you just the same.

Read as well:

Task 6. Recipe of Love

Read this recipe of love. Think, what will you add there?

Love Recipe

4 small kisses
6 giant [ˈdʒaɪənt] hugs
1 cup of kindness
3 cups of love
5 tips of happiness
2 caring hearts

Task 7. Grammar time

Read the sentences with the teacher and match them with the pictures:

  • He gave me the biggest Valentine card in the world.
  • This chocolate is sweeter than ever.
  • The cupid is smaller than an angel.
  • These are the most beautiful flowers.
valentines day worksheet 5 Skyteach

Now study how to make the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives.

valentines day worksheet 6 Skyteach

Task 8. Compliments

Read and complete the compliments.

  • You smell ____ the rose.
  • You are ____ ____ ____ flower.
  • You are ____ than Hulk.
  • You are ____ than ice-cream.
  • You are ____ than a teddy bear.
  • You are ____ ____ star in the sky.
  • You are ____ than a panda.

Words to use: good, bright, soft, nice, strong, beautiful, cool

  • You smell better the rose.
  • You are the most beautiful flower.
  • You are stronger than Hulk.
  • You are cooler than ice-cream.
  • You are softer than a teddy bear.
  • You are the brightest star in the sky.
  • You are nicer than a panda.

Task 9. Video — Sleeping Beauty

Read the words:

valentines day worksheet 7 Skyteach

Watch the video and tick the characters and things you see in the fairy tale:

  • the princess
  • fairies
  • unicorns
  • a spinning wheel
  • thornbush
  • a castle
  • king
  • the wicked witch
  • queen
  • basilisk

Read the statements and choose “True” or “False”.

  1. Five fairies prepared gifts for the princess. F
  2. The wicked witch put a spell on the princess. T
  3. Only a true love’s kiss might break the spell. T
  4. When the princess was 15, she found a spinning wheel in the old house and pricked her finger. F
  5. The prince used his sword and shield to clear the path through the thornbush. T
  6. The prince hugged the sleeping princess and she woke up. F

Task 10. Summing up

Answer the questions:

  • Will you make a card for anyone?
  • What’s your favorite compliment?
  • What gift would you like to get on this day?
Download Valentine’s Day Worksheet

Happy Valentine’s Day! Let your lessons be full of love and fun.

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