Love is in the air! Almost everywhere we see red balloons, teddy bears, and amazing gifts that you can get for your beloved ones. Having holiday lessons may be really beneficial for English learners. Thematic lessons offer a more natural way to learn the specific vocabulary and to encourage students to hold discussions on the topic. If you want to have a romantic lesson with your Pre-Intermediate adults, here are several ideas that you can use in your classes. Students will play games, improve their listening and speaking skills and have teamwork, learn about different ways of celebrating the holiday, what to buy for each other on St. Valentine’s Day and how to make this day special.

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Task 1

Work in small groups or pairs. Ask each other questions to find out the person that is described in the squares. Then write the name in the box.

St. Valentine’s Day


— Have you ever used online dating?
— Do you love romantic comedies?

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Task 2

Discuss the questions in pairs.

St. Valentine’s Day

Task 3

— Let’s do the quiz and check how well you know how people in different countries celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.

— Is St. Valentine’s Day celebrated in your country? If yes, how? If not, is there any holiday dedicated to love? How is it usually celebrated?

Task 4

— What presents do couples usually give to each other on St. Valentine’s Day?

— Look at the pictures. What do you think is going on?

St. Valentine’s Day

Watch the video. What gifts do Monica and Chandler exchange in the end? 


A tape and sock bunnies.

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Task 5

What do couples usually do on Valentine’s Day?

— Tick the things that you think are the best for couples to do on St. Valentine’s Day. Explain your choice.
— Play a game.
— Make playlists for each other.
— Take a hike.
— Set up a waffle bar.
— Make a scrapbook of your relationship.
— Eat breakfast in bed.
— Go for a drive.
— Enjoy a wine and chocolate tasting.
— Craft something together.
— Cook dinner together.
— Write love letters to each other.
— Have a romantic movie marathon.
— Exchange heartfelt gifts.
— Send your partner on a treasure hunt.
— Make heart-shaped food.

Task 6

How well do you know your partner (a friend, a classmate)? Answer the questions and then check them with your partner (friend, classmate)?

  1. What’s your partner’s favorite TV show?
  2. What’s your partner’s favorite book?
  3. What food does your partner like to cook?
  4. What’s their favorite color?
  5. Where did you two meet?
  6. What color are their eyes?
  7. What does your partner want their life to look like in five years?
  8. Where do they see themselves living in an ideal world?
  9. How happy are they with their current work situation?

Task 7

Work in groups or in pairs.

Group A: Write down as many ideas as you can for people who are single. What things can they do while they’re single? Make a list of cool gifts for friends, parents, and relatives on Valentine’s Day. Cover the following questions:

  1. What to do on Valentine’s Day.
  2. Perfect gifts on Valentine’s Day for friends and relatives.
  3. What romantic films to watch.
  4. Where to go to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Group B: Write down as many ideas as you can for couples. Cover the following questions:

  1. What gifts can they make each other?
  2. What are the best places in your city where they can celebrate the day?
  3. What activities they can do on St. Valentine’s Day?

Have a great lesson!

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