A holiday of love is just around the corner. It’s time to have a romantic lesson or just have a usual one ignoring anything connected with Cupid. Oh, wait! There is another option. You can have fun with your students Escaping from a Digital Room. It is a great way to bring gameplay to any lesson and improve problem-solving skills. 

We have prepared a digital escape room dedicated to Valentine’s Day where students must solve different tasks in order to escape from Anticupid’s castle and save the holiday. They will try to find clues by clicking on the objects in the picture, then follow the links, do the tasks and write the keys in the lockbox (Google form). The lockbox is also hidden so as not to forget the keys, students can write them on a piece of paper. When students find the Google form, they type the keys into the appropriate lock and check their answers. There are thematic listening and reading activities and vocabulary tasks. Here you can find the keys.

This escape room will be suitable for Intermediate+ level students. It can be completed both individually and in groups.

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  • Фото аватара

    Hi! Thank you for such an interesting task but the «puzzle task» doesn`t work.

  • Фото аватара
    Gail Crous

    Hello, I really enjoyed doing the «Escape from Valentine’s Day Digital Room» with one of my students. But, please explain the answer to the Selena Gomez song clue. Bubble Gum? How do you get that answer?

    Kind regards

    • Фото аватара

      Thank you for the positive feedback. We are glad that your students liked the escape room. The key to the lock with the song task is «love» (that is the word from the chorus). «Bubble gum» is the key for the lock with «love is…»notes.


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