Why do birds lay eggs in spring? (Worksheet)

English lessons based on the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology develop students’ general knowledge about the world and arouse interest in the subject. We constantly look for topics, which would be interestingfor YL. Spring is coming. In this lesson, young learners will find out about bugs, birds and trees in the fairest season of the year and will answer the question “Why  do birds lay eggs in spring?”.

Age: 9-12 years
Level: Elementary
Time: 40 min
Skills: listening and vocabulary
Number of students: 1-20
Materials: worksheet, youtube video, teacher’s notes.

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    Maria Nifontova

    Благодарю, Юлия! Очень рада, если урок Вам полезен)

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    Юлия Боброва

    Очень удачный урок во всех отношениях!!!


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