Одна из ожидаемых новинок этого лета — анимационный фильм «Элементарно» (Elemental, 2023), где показана жизнь стихии природы. Этот фильм — отличный материал не только для дискуссионного урока, но и для того, чтобы выучить новые слова и фразы, отработать условные предложения нулевого типа, прокачать аудирование, чтение и речь. Именно на развитие этих навыков направлен наш план урока. Он подойдет подросткам и взрослым ученикам с уровнем Pre-Intermediate. 

План урока:

  1. Task 1. Warm-up
  2. Task 2. Lead-in
  3. Task 3. Trailer 
  4. Task 4. Vocabulary
  5. Task 5. Grammar presentation 
  6. Task 6. Grammar practice 
  7. Task 7. Grammar in the movie
  8. Task 8. Posters
  9. Task 9. Summary 

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Task 1. Warm-up

Для разминки начните урок с обсуждения следующих вопросов. 

Read and answer the questions below:

  1. Do you like watching animated movies? 
  2. Are there any companies whose production you prefer (Disney, Universal, Netflix, Sony, Pixar, Time Warner, DreamWorks, etc.)? Which and why?
  3. What are the recent animated movies that you have seen? 
  4. Are there any upcoming releases you are eagerly waiting for? What are they?

Другие планы уроков по киноновинкам:

Task 2. Lead-in

Чтобы вовлечь студентов в тему урока, покажите картинки, которые иллюстрируют элементы природы и непосредственно связаны с фильмом. 

  • Look at the pictures. What do you see?
plan uroka po multfilmu elemental 2023 1 Skyteach
Image by Freepik
plan uroka po multfilmu elemental 2023 2 Skyteach
Image by Freepik
Key: fire; water
  • What are the other 2 main elements of nature?  

Покажите картинки этих элементов тоже:

plan uroka po multfilmu elemental 2023 3 Skyteach
Image by Freepik
plan uroka po multfilmu elemental 2023 4 Skyteach
Image by Freepik
Key: earth; air
  • Have you seen any animated movies dedicated to them? 

Дождитесь ответа и включите трейлер к мультфильму «Элементарно»:

Затем спросите:

  1. Have you seen this trailer before? What do you think of it? 
  2. What company’s production is it?
  3. Are you interested to know what will happen to the residents of Element City? 
  4. What do you think the main idea of the movie is?
2. Disney and Pixar’s.
4. Accept any answer and elicit that they will find out later.

Task 3. Trailer 

На этом этапе ученики обсуждают трейлер и знакомятся с главными героями. 

Watch the trailer again and answer the questions. 

  1. What scene does the trailer start with?
  2. Who are the main characters?
  3. How are the four elements represented at the beginning? 
  4. What is the main rule in this city?
1. It starts with the opening gates to Element City.
2. Ember (fire) and Wade (water).
4. Elements cannot mix.

Teacher’s note: For the 3rd question, accept any answer. You can help your students with these ideas:

  • Air looks like a cloud.
  • Earth is a tree.
  • Water is like a ghost.
  • Fire looks like an onion.

Другие интересные статьи:

Task 4. Vocabulary

Несмотря на то что трейлер длится две минуты, в нем есть интересные слова и фразы, которые могут быть новыми для учеников. Если они затрудняются выполнять задание, можете включить моменты с этими словами, чтобы они увидели их в контексте.  

Match the words and phrases with their definitions. Then make sentences with each of them.

  1. resident 
  2. to have one’s head in the clouds
  3. seedy 
  4. pruning 
  5. to run hot
  6. to squish 
  7. out of shape
  8. Dang!
  9. buddy
  10. to boil
  11. to fill one’s shoes
  12. lighter fluid

a) to produce excessive heat while operating
b) dirty and unpleasant, possibly connected with bad or illegal activities 
c) to crush, especially so as to make a soft splashing noise
d) (informal) to not pay much attention to reality
e) used to emphasise or express anger or frustration
f) someone who lives in a particular place
g) the act of cutting a plant
h) no longer having the correct or original form 
i) to do someone’s job or accept someone’s responsibilities
j) to reach the temperature at which bubbles rise up in a liquid
k) (informal) a friend (usually as a form of address)
l) the liquid in a lighter (such as a cigarette lighter) that is its fuel

1 — f; 2 — d; 3 — b; 4 — g; 5 — a; 6 — c; 7 — h; 8 — e; 9 — k; 10 — j; 11 — i; 12 — l. 

Task 5. Grammar presentation 

Упражнение направлено на презентацию новой грамматической темы в контексте фильма. 

Match the parts of the sentences and read the rule.

  1. If you heat water to 100 degrees,
  2. If you touch a fire, 
  3. If plants don’t get enough water,

a) they die
b) it boils
c) you get burned

1 — b; 2 — c; 3 — a.
We use Zero Conditional when we speak about things that are always true.

We use it to talk about things that happen in the same way every time. These can be scientific facts, personal habits.

For example: If you put water and oil together, they don’t mix.

We use Present Simple in both clauses.

We can use when in Zero Conditional sentences to connect two clauses.

For example: When you put water and oil together, they don’t mix.

Complete the examples:

If-clauseResult clause
If you mix red and yellowyou get _____ .
Result clauseif-clause
Water and oil _____ mixif you put them together.
Key: orange; don’t

Task 6. Grammar practice 

Цель — отработать новую грамматику и подготовить учеников к следующему заданию.  

Make Zero Conditional sentences using the prompts. 

For example: when / you / put / salt on ice / the ice / melt faster
When you put salt on ice, the ice melts faster. 

  1. if / you / add salt to water / boil / faster
  2. when / you / heat / sugar / turn into / liquid
  3. when / you / blow on / a hot drink / warm up
  4. if / you / rub / hands together / get warm / your
  5. if / you / heat / ice / melt.
1. If you add salt to the water, it boils faster.
2. When you heat sugar, it turns into liquid.
3. When you blow on a hot drink, it warms up.
4. If you rub your hands together, they get warm.
5. If you heat ice, it melts.

Task 7. Grammar in the movie

Начните задание с объяснения некоторых слов, которые ученикам нужны будут для ответов на вопросы. Можете использовать кадры из фильма, чтобы было более наглядно. 

Air resistance — a kind of friction (a force that opposes motion) which occurs between air and another object; the force that the object experiences as it passes through the air.
To put out — to stop something from burning or shining.
Steam — a cloud of hot wet substance that is produced when water boils.
To release — to let a substance flow out from somewhere.

Complete the questions and answer them by watching the extracts. 

  1. What (happen) when an object (move) through the air? 0:07-0:13
  2. What (happen) to the sponge when the water (get into) it? 0:20-0:28
  3. What (happen) if you (put) lighter fluid on a fire? 0:29-0:37
  4. What (happen) if you (throw) water on a fire? 0:48-0:51
  5. What (happen) to the tree if you (make a fire) in dry hot weather? 1:03-1:05  
  6. What (happen) to the metal if it (be) on fire? 1:13-1:16
  7. What (happen) if you (put) water on hot coals? 1:53-2:10
1. happens; moves
2. happens; gets into
3. happens; put
4. happens; throw
5. happens; make a fire
6. happens; is
7. happens; put
  1. Air resistance happens when an object moves through the air.
  2. The sponge becomes heavier. 
  3. The fire becomes bigger. 
  4. The water puts out the fire. 
  5. The tree burns. 
  6. The metal melts. 
  7. A cloud of steam releases. 

Task 8. Posters

Здесь ученики узнают больше информации о фильме, его персонажах и могут практиковать навыки чтения и говорения одновременно. 

Each of the elements of Element City has its own poster. Think what palette each poster may have and the sayings on them. Open the link to check your ideas. 

Look at the sayings from the posters and match them with their definitions. 

  1. Get fired up.
  2. Make a splash. 
  3. You’ll dig it.
  4. Get blown away.

a) to attract a lot of attention in an exciting way
b) to be very impressed by something 
c) to become very excited or passionate about something
d) to understand or enjoy something

1 — c; 2 — a; 3 — d; 4 — b.

Read the article to get more information about these sayings and the characters in general.   

Task 9. Summary 

Чтобы студенты собрали весь пазл сюжета и смогли пересказать его, включите еще раз первый трейлер, а затем второй. Дайте им время подумать несколько минут. Они могут делать заметки во время просмотра и использовать их во время рассказа. 

Watch the official trailer again, then the official teaser trailer to retell the story:

You can start like this: “The story takes place in Element City, where characters made of air, land, fire, and water — the four elements of nature— try to coexist.”

По ссылке можно найти еще один готовый план урока по мультфильму «Элементарно» (Elemental, 2023).

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