Neural networks, also known as artificial neural networks or simulated neural networks, are a subset of machine learning that provide the foundation of deep learning techniques. Its name and form are inspired by the human brain, and they replicate how real neurons communicate. Nowadays, many people speak about programs that make writing easier and faster, such as Chat GPT, or Quillbot. What are their benefits and drawbacks? Should people be afraid of AI and will AI ever replace humans?

Grab the worksheet designed especially for Advances learners to discuss the pros and cons of AI and machine learning. The lesson is aimed at boosting students’ listening and speaking skills, and enriching their vocabulary.

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Task 1. Warm-up

Discuss the questions.

  1. What springs to mind when you hear the term “artificial intelligence“?
  2. What are the dangers of artificial intelligence?
  3. Will artificial intelligence ever be more intelligent than humans?
  4. How is artificial intelligence helping us today?
  5. Have you ever heard about Chat GPT and Quill bot AI? What are they used for? What other neural network tools do you know? 
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Task 2

Find the definitions of new words in the dictionary and make up your own examples.

  • Game changer
  • To outsmart
  • To keep one step ahead of sth
  • To mold
  • To replicate
  • To detect
  • Pivotal
  • Alignment

Task 3

Watch the video and mark the sentences true, false, not mentioned.

  1. Chat GPT can write songs, define quantity mechanics, write texts on different topics for a person.
  2. A competitor to Chat GPT is Bard released by Microsoft.
  3. Computers are rapidly outsmarting their creators.
  4. AI can replace human beings in writing books.
  5. People’s adaptability is the main thing that keeps us one step ahead of AI.

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Task 4

Discuss the questions.

  1. Will AI ever replace human beings? Why do you think so?
  2. What are the things that AI will never be able to do?

Watch the video and compare your answers. How different was your opinion? Do you agree with the speaker?

Task 5

Watch the video again. What does the speaker say about?

  1. AI relying on people.
  2. Starting an AI company.
  3. AI at MIT
  4. Data bottleneck
  5. Core setup of AI
  6. AI never replacing humans.
  7. AI in healthcare
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Task 6

Fill in the gaps with the necessary words: Game changer, to outsmart, to keep one step ahead of sth, to mold, to replicate, to detect, pivotal, alignment.

  1. He played a ___ role in the advancement of machine learning.
  2.  Chat GPT has been held as a ___ bringing new ways of communication and writing. 
  3. Computers seem to be rapidly ___ their creators. 
  4. Our adaptability ___ us ___ AI making us unique.
  5. From birth our brain adapts and ___ itself to the environment in a very efficient way.
  6. AI can never ___ the full ability of human brain and intelligence.
  7. Some sounds cannot be ___ by the human ear, that why technology may be a good help. 
  8. The problem is happening because the wheels are out of ___ with each other.
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Task 7

Agree or disagree with the ideas and give details using the vocabulary on the list. 

  1. AI will never replace humans.
  2. AI can be beneficial in healthcare.
  3. Using Chat GPT will help people save their time and get more success.
  4. Chat GPT will have a negative impact on people and we will not be able to make up a sentence on our own.
  5. Humans have made neural network to make people less educated.
  • Game changer
  • To outsmart
  • To keep one step ahead of sth
  • To mold
  • To replicate
  • To detect
  • Pivotal
  • Alignment
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