Technology is developing day by day, introducing new models, new opportunities and sometimes even new “threats”. If you are searching for proper lesson ideas on the future of technology, here we have prepared a worksheet of a speaking lesson to discuss the latest robots and future technologies with your students. Here they will boost their listening and speaking skills, enlarge vocabulary on the topic of technology, and develop their creative thinking.

The worksheet is designed for intermediate level (the answers to tasks are in teacher’s notes below the slides).

Task 2. Teacher’s notes:
Today we are going to talk about latest robots, future technologies, devices that we will use in several years.

Task 3. Teacher’s notes:
1 — e
2 — f
3 — g
4 — d
5 — a
6 — b
7 – c

Task 4. The video —

Task 7. Teacher’s notes:

  1. Drones will be used for food and medicine delivery.
  2. There will be fast trains running 600mph.
  3. By 2050 our cultures, our world be run by AI.
  4. We will have regular shuttles to go to Mars.

Task 8. Teacher’s notes:

  1. Video recording, photography, etc.
  2. They will transport medicine, food, etc.
  3. Hyperloop. It has already been tested and proven.
  4. 600 mph.
  5. Alexa, Google assistant, etc.
  6. By 2050 our cultures, our world be run by AI.
  7. The first human colony.

Taking into consideration that now most teachers are working remotely and are spending too much time on lesson planning and finding necessary materials, we are here to help you to reduce time on lesson preparation and use our ready worksheets published on our blog previously.

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    Dear colleagues, the word HyperlooP is misspelled (HyperlooN) on the four page of the presentaion…
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