Short animated films for a lesson on St.Valentine’s Day

Suppose you have a lesson on February, 14 or around this date. Not all adults especially who learn one-on-one really enjoy St.Valentine’s word searches or games all lesson long.

So we offer you to watch a short animated film on the topic of ‘Love and relationships’ as a holiday warm-up or cool down. All videos are suitable for any level since they are without any dialogues. Most of the tasks are aimed at practicing prediction skills because they are crucial for language learning.

The tasks below are intended for the pre-intermediate/intermediate level but you can easily upgrade them.   

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First Date

This video will come in handy if you have already learned how to describe appearance. Play the video and pause at the suggested intervals. Ask the question and elicit ideas but don’t tell the correct answers to build suspense. Then play the video up to the next pause.

0:08 Do you think a fast food cafe is a good place for the first date?
0:15 Describe a lady’s appearance (face).
0:26 Why is she surprised?
0:39 Describe a man’s appearance. (face)
0:46 What about their bodies? (tall/ short/slim)
1:12 What do you think they will order?
1:39 What do you think is going to happen next?
2:35 What do you think is going to happen next?
2:57 Describe their real appearance.

 If you aren’t short of time, let your students discuss the statements.

Agree or disagree:

  • Blind dates are potential disasters.
  • People should never embellish their appearance with wigs or other artificial things.

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Love story of two couples

Before you start watching, ask students a question: What things can ruin relationships? Elicit some ideas and then let them watch the video and check if anyone has mentioned the reason why the couple’s relationship didn’t work.

Then ask learners to discuss the questions:

  • Can people be addicted to technology?
  • Why do you think gadgets can ruin relationships?
  • Has your partner ever complained about the lack of attention?
  • How would you react if your beloved one was staring at the screen of a smartphone all the time?

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Love On The Balcony

As a lead-in ask your students to think of:

  • the most romantic city in the world;
  • the most unusual way to propose

Then say that you’re going to watch a short animated film ‘Love on the balcony’ and ask students to speculate what it is going to be about. Elicit some ideas.

Play the video and pause at the suggested intervals. Ask the question and then play to check.

1:15 What do you think is in the box?
2:17 What is going to happen next?  Is the man going to give a ring back?

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3:16 Will she say ‘yes’?

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  • Фото аватара

    Hello, Julia. Thank you so much for your helpful and enjoyable material for the lesson. Most of all I like the second video bcs it can be used for different topics)

  • Фото аватара

    Thank you very much!

  • Фото аватара

    The third video is lovely! I’m sure my students will enjoy it. Thank you for sharing these ideas!

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      Юлия Белоног

      Thank you very much,Cynthia! Number 3 is my favorite as well. And number 1)


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