Tasks for business students intermediate/upper intermediate level for holiday time

Are you afraid that your student will forget what he/she knows or has learned when he or she takes a holiday? Does your student ask you for holiday time activities? Your students want to have fun, creative, motivating, real-life oriented and useful activities? We have prepared some recommendations for you.

1. Discussion before you sign the tasks to the students

You can show this infographic to your students and give recommendations about the frequency, commitment, and planning. These key elements are necessary for a self-directed study that your students will be instructed to do.

2. TBL approach

In general, it is recommended that your students spend time on task-based learning while they are on holiday.

The advantages of task-based learning are the following:

— They set out a reason to learn or to do something.

— The students learn what they want to learn. 

— The students see the “product” of their work.

Give clear instructions on what the students need to do. You can even prepare a template for the task. This will depend on the purpose and the content of the task your students will need to do. You need to clearly state the expectations for the task so that the learners know about the outcome. You will also have to give them some tips, recommendations, resources if needed.

3. Recommended task types for holiday time

— Categorizing and sorting

While travelling to other countries or even staying in the country, they can categorize and sort out the business activities of different companies and decide what the main tendencies are in the modern business environment.

— Comparing and contrasting 

The students can be instructed to compare and contrast companies with similar activities and services.

— Researching

This can be a very interesting task for a student who likes analyzing and evaluating. You can ask your student to choose a business activity or any famous company and do research about it, such as the strengths and weaknesses of its business strategy, its main competitors, and the challenges it faces.

— Making posters or infographics or presentations

Your student can choose topics that will be interesting for him or her to present after the holiday. You may discuss the type of presentation: a speech, PPT, or infographics. The key moment here is that the task should not be too easy for a student to make it in a short time. Choose more challenging topics.

— Prepare survey questions

This is also a very interesting task. Make sure that your student understands that survey questions are not just questions; each question aims at finding out something important.

In short, these are not the only tasks you can give to your students. You can move forward and think about other tasks as well.

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