Одно из обязательных условий письменных заданий ОГЭ и ЕГЭ — использование сложноподчиненных предложений. Однако ученики все равно пытаются обойтись простыми конструкциями, что приводит к ошибкам в употреблении союзов и пунктуации.

В этой статье вы найдете 10 заданий на complex sentences для уровня Intermediate/Upper Intermediate — они помогут вашим студентам освоить правила употребления сложноподчиненных предложений в английском языке. 


  1. Story telling 1
  2. Story telling 2
  3. Tell me why!
  4. Yesterday 
  5. Guess who
  6. Think positively!
  7. Guess the film
  8. Which is better
  9. Creating a story about yourself
  10. Long complex sentences

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Шпаргалка для ученика

Сложноподчиненные предложения (complex sentences) в английском языке — это предложения, которые содержат как минимум одно независимое предложение и одно или более зависимых предложений, соединенные подчинительными союзами.

Виды подчинительных союзов (subordinating conjunctions):

Typesubordinating conjunctions
causeas, because, since, in order that, so that 
comparisonthan, rather than, just as, while, whereas, as much as, as though, whether
concessionalthough, though, even though
conditionif, if only, provided (that), in case, assuming that
placewhere, wherever
timeafter, before, by the time, as long as, as soon as, till / until, since, while, when, whenever, once
mannerhow, as though, as if
relative adjectivesthat, whatever, which, whichever
relative pronounswho, whoever, whose, whom
Важно: если зависимое предложение идет перед независимым предложением, между ними необходима запятая. Если же, наоборот, предложение начинается с независимого предложения, то запятая перед союзом не нужна.

As we had much work, we got up early.
We got up early as we had much work.

Еще материалы о пунктуации:

1. Story telling 1

Предложите ученику выбрать одну иллюстрацию и составить предложение с определенным союзом.

10 заданий на complex sentences для уровня Intermediate / Upper Intermediate
Image by studio4rt on Freepik
10 заданий на complex sentences для уровня Intermediate / Upper Intermediate10 заданий на complex sentences для уровня Intermediate / Upper Intermediate
Image by pch.vector on Freepik
10 заданий на complex sentences для уровня Intermediate / Upper Intermediate
Image by brgfx on Freepik
10 заданий на complex sentences для уровня Intermediate / Upper Intermediate
Image by upklyak on Freepik
10 заданий на complex sentences для уровня Intermediate / Upper Intermediate
Image by upklyak on Freepik



Picture 1: They were perfectly happy because they had won the first prize!
Picture 2: Because it was raining the whole day yesterday, we couldn’t go out today.

Assuming that


Picture 3: Even assuming that he had revised for a test, it was really hard for him to write it properly.



Picture 4: Whoever tried to wake him up, the boy was in the deep sleep.

2. Story telling 2

Студент должен составить сложноподчиненное предложение, используя уже две иллюстрации. Картинки можно выбрать с помощью кубика.

Useful conjunctions:

  • As, because, so that;
  • While, rather than;
  • Even though;
  • If only, in case;
  • After, as soon as;
  • As if;
  • Who, what;
  • Etc.

Pictures 2 and 5: After it had finished raining, even though it had been a heavy rain, they went playing basketball.

Вам могут быть полезны упражнения к другим темам:

3. Tell me why! (subordinating conjunctions of Cause)

Ученику нужно придумать цепочку логически связанных предложений с союзами причинно-следственных связей: as, because, since, in order that, so that. Предложите учащемуся сначала выбрать ситуацию, а потом покажите описание.

Choose the situation. Read and continue the story using complex sentences. They must be connected with each other logically. Write at least 5 sentences.

Situation 1: It’s New Year Eve. Children and adults are looking forward to getting presents.

Situation 2: James is late for school. He is running along the corridor and faces the head master.

Situation 3: Mary goes to the cinema with her friends. She doesn’t expect the film to be good but it is hilariously funny.

Situation 4: Sam has been doing a project for a week. Two days before the deadline he loses it.

Situation 5: On summer holidays Zoe and Harvey spend every day playing and walking together. Now the summer is finished and they have to go back to the city t go to school.


Situation 2:

• Because James is late for school, he has to run. 
• He faces the head master as he is in a hurry and isn’t very attentive.
• Since he hits into the head master, he makes her fell down, as she hasn’t expected such situation.
• He extends a hand to help the fallen head master to her feet in order that she isn’t angry with him.
• So that James misses the first lesson, he gets detention after school.

4. Yesterday (subordinating conjunctions of Time)

Прежде всего ученик должен составить хронологию событий, которые произошли в нашей истории «вчера». Порядок определит колесо случайного выбора. Далее студенту нужно составить историю, используя союзы: after, before, by the time, as long as, as soon as, till/until, since, while, when, whenever, once.


After I had called mum, she was in the kitchen, I woke up and set out for school. Before I passed the test that day, I had called mum on the phone and had had lunch with her in a café. By the time it stopped snowing, I was absolutely exhausted. As soon as I went out of school after passing my test, I definitely missed the bus home.
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5. Guess who (relative pronouns)

Попросите студента придумать описание человека из списка ниже, используя союзы who, whoever, whose, whom. Преподаватель должен отгадать, о ком идет речь. Потом ученик и учитель меняются ролями.

Describe a person, I am going to guess him or her. Choose a person from the list below:

  1. Peter the Great (I)
  2. Ilya Murometz
  3. Alexander Pushkin
  4. King Charles III
  5. Elizabeth II
  6. Ekaterina the Great (II)
  7. Pyotr Tchaikovsky
  8. Harry Potter
  9. The Ironman
  10. Sherlock Holmes

• This was a person who had a great power and could fight alone with plenty of enemies. (Ilya Murometz)
• This was a person whose ballets based on fairy tales are definitely world masterpieces. (Pyotr Tchaikovsky)
• This was a person whom I really admire and who was tragically shot at the duel. (Alexander Pushkin)
• This was a person whom everybody respected and admired whoever he or she met or wrote to. (Ekaterina the Great (II)

Еще ученик может предложить своих персонажей. Например, членов семьи, друзей или героев любимых книг/фильмов.

6. Think positively! (subordinating conjunctions of Concession)

Позитивное мышление важно для любого человека. Предложите учащемуся потренироваться мыслить именно так. Студент должен придумать оптимистичные окончания для предложений, используя союзы: although, though, even though.

Read and complete the sentences. Don’t forget to think positively. Use conjunctions:

  1. Although I had had a hard day, …
  2. I …, even though my car was absolutely dirty.
  3. Although my bus had gone I decided not to worry, as …
  4. My parents …, even though they can’t see us as often as they want.
  5. …, though it was a gloomy day.

7. Guess the film

Ученику нужно выбрать части предложений, соответствующие каждому типу: cause, place or time, и угадать, о каком фильме идет речь.

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2. Как персональные треки делают обучение эффективным

8. Which is better (subordinating conjunctions of Comparison)

Устройте со студентом дебаты. Ученику нужно выбрать один из трех вопросов и привести аргументы, подтверждающие его точку зрения. В ответах необходимо использовать союзы сравнения: than, rather than, just as, while, whereas, as much as, as though, whether.


  1. Which is better to live in a village or in a city?
  2. Which is better in the future to live on another planet (or the Moon, for example) or to live on the Earth?
  3. Which is better to use plastic to save forests or to avoid using plastic and prefer natural materials (wood, paper, etc.).

In my opinion, it’s better to avoid using plastic rather than to use it more. The forests are renewable resources as their amount can reduce and grow again whereas plastic is impossible to reduce without avoiding using it. etc.

9. Creating a story about yourself

Ученик выбирает ситуацию по желанию, после чего запускает колеса случайного выбора с союзами. Задача учащегося — придумать вторую часть предложения, используя выпавший союз. Дальше колесо выбора запускается повторно. Теперь студенту нужно продолжить предложение с помощью нового союза.

  1. You are late for your friend’s birthday party.
  2. You are choosing where to go on holidays.
  3. You are cooking lunch for your parents.
  4. You are taking care of your little sister.
  5. You are doing a great project for school.

• I am late for my friend’s party where there are a lot of our friends. 
• There are a lot of our friends at my friend’s party because he is a great and sociable person.
• He is a great and sociable person as if he is going to be the president.
• Etc.

Возможно, вам пригодятся и другие статьи о преподавании грамматики английского языка:

10. Long complex sentences

Ученик должен использовать три и более простых предложений в составе сложноподчиненного. 

  1. After we had come from school, since it was still early morning, …
  2. As we had the most incredible project, since we spent a lot of nights on its preparation, …
  3. By the time he reached his bed, …. but …, in order not to miss the first lesson tomorrow.
  4. He was absolutely exhausted as if …, although …
  5. When the children had been rescued at last, as their mother had almost lost any hope, …
  6. Looking around he couldn’t recognize the scenery as though …, where …
  7. Whenever they called for help, …, because …

Такая несложная практика поможет учащемуся чувствовать себя уверенно при составлении сложноподчиненных предложений в английском языке. Интересных и продуктивных вам уроков!

Коллеги, а какие вы используете задания для отработки complex sentences? Пожалуйста, поделитесь знаниями в комментариях!

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