Ваши студенты до сих пор не знают do или does? Забывают ставить –s для 3 лица ед. ч.? Часто преподавателям не хватает простых упражнений на проработку и автоматизацию грамматических навыков. Предлагаем вам подборку упражнений на Present Simple.

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Упражнение 1

Make negative sentences using Present Simple.

  1. You get up early. You don’t get up early.
  2. It rains a lot here.
  3. We live in a flat.
  4. I play tennis.
  5. He has a beard.
  6. They go to the gym.
  7. She writes a blog.
  8. My friend does sport regularly.
  9. He is a student.
  10. You are smart and beautiful.

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Упражнение 2

Complete the questions with do or does.

  1. When do you meet your friends?
  2. _ your laptop have a webcam? What time we need to leave?
  3. your mother work from home or in the office?
  4. Which websites you use most?
  5. your girlfriend like horror films?
  6. your brother spend a long time on Facebook?
  7. it rain?
  8. the sun shine?
  9. __ they deliver goods in time?
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Упражнение 3

Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in the box.

meet / go / study / talk / do / watch / play / hang out / have / have
  • I _ my friend at the weekend.
  • We usually to the cinema or cafe.
  • My best friend in another school. When we , we about different things like our future, school, shopping, and so on. In the evening I my homework or my sister with her homework. Then, I TV and have a meal with all our family. At 9 p.m. I computer games and _ a rest after a long day.

Упражнение 4

Write questions in the present. 


  1. Where / you / study? 
  2. What / your friend / like doing in free time? 
  3. Why / he / choose / football?
  4. Where / your parents / live?
  5. When / you / come home after school?


  1. He does the dishes after the meal. (What)
  2. She studies at school. (Where)
  3. He doesn’t go to the gym because he got a trauma. (Why)
  4. Children come back home at 14 p.m. (When)
  5. They often hang out together. (Who)

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Упражнение 5

Look at pictures and say about the working day of this person:

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What chores do you do? Which chores do you never do? How often do you help about the house? Does it take a lot of time? Do you have devices (household appliances)? Do they help to save your time for the household? 

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