Christmas and New Year vocabulary for kids

Christmas and New Year vocabulary for kids

It’s high time for Christmas lessons. One of the most favourite and fun ways for kids to learn and revise vocabulary is doing online exercises. They encourage students to be interested in the lesson and make it more interactive and motivating. We have made up online exercises, which are designed for kids to practice vocabulary on “Christmas and New Year”.     

Christmas – Memory game 

This game will help your students not only to learn new words but also to improve their memory.  Students open one of the cards and try to find its pair. For each pair, there is a card with a picture and a card with an appropriate name for it. For example, the word ‘elf’ is written in the opened card, the student must find the picture with an elf. This game will help to practice the main words connected with Christmas: Santa Claus, an elf, a present, a star, a reindeer, an angel, a candy cane and a Christmas tree.     

Christmas – Pictionary 

There are a few markers on the picture. Each marker means one object. Students click on the marker and find the correct words. Such words as “Santa Claus, lights, a ball, a star, a reindeer and a Christmas tree” are practiced in this exercise. 

Christmas and New Year  – Matching pairs 

In this game you can check your students’ knowledge on Christmas and New Year vocabulary. Students match pictures with the words (a snowflake, a stocking, a bell, a snowman, a candle, a holly, a gingerbreadman, North Pole, Santa Claus, an angel, a star, a Christmas tree).     

New Year – Where is what? 

The online game “Where is what” can be played alone or by 2-3 students. When a student starts the game, a window with a word opens, for example, ‘clock’. The student finds that word among the objects and clicks on the picture.   

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