Venice Carnival 2020 (Worksheet for Intermediate level)

The Carnival of Venice is an annual festival held in Venice, Italy. Every year millions of people look forward to the biggest carnival in Europe. This year the opening of the Carnival was on the 8th of February and will go on till the 25th of February. If your students are interested in the Italian culture or just would like to have some discussions on the latest news, here is a presentation that may come in handy. The presentation is designed for intermediate students.

Warm-up. Teachers’ notes: Explain the rules of the game. The student has to explain the word in the card without using taboo words.

Lead-in. Keys: Venice, Italy.

Task 1. Keys:
1 – g
2 – d
3 – e
4 – a
5 – c
6 – f
7 — b

Task 2. Keys:

Sumptuous costumes, to hold a parade, a gondola ride, annual festivity, a trace of public celebration, a juggler with a lot of balls, French conquest.

Task 3. Keys: In 1296

Task 4. Keys:

  1. the sumptuous costumes and masks parading 
  2. 1094
  3. Music, dances and parties
  4. Social class and status
  5. Public shows, exhibitions, musicians, dancers, acrobats and jugglers 
  6. The 18th century
  7. 1979
  8. The best masked costume; the last Sunday and last Tuesday of the carnival.

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