Хобби — одной из самых популярных тем у взрослых. Обсуждение увлечений может помочь улучшить взаимоотношения с начальником и коллегами, найти союзников в коллективе, друзей и новых знакомых. С этим планом урока английского вы научите учеников рассказывать о своих увлечениях и вести непринужденный диалог на отвлеченные темы. Урок подойдет для уровня Intermediate для уроков в группе и индивидуально.


  • Порассуждать о разных видах хобби.
  • Рассказать о своих увлечениях.
  • Выучить грамматические конструкции I like + to do something; I like + (verb + ing); I enjoy doing. something; I am keen on something; I am fond of something.


  1. Warm-up 
  2. Lead-in
  3. Listening 
  4. Reading 
  5. Grammar  
  6. Cool-down

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1. Warm-up 

Предложите ученику прочитать следующее утверждение: 

Find 3 hobbies: One that will make you money, One to keep you in shape, and one to keep you creative 

Затем задайте следующие вопросы:

  • Why do we need these 3 hobbies in life?
  •  Why?

2. Lead-in

Обсудите со студентом вопросы ниже. Поставьте таймер на 30 секунд для каждого вопроса, в течение которых ученик должен ответить на вопрос. Главное условие — студенту нельзя молчать, нужно говорить все, что придет в голову в течение 30 секунд. 

  • Can hobbies have a positive impact on our well-being? How?
  • How do hobbies contribute to personal growth and development?
  • How can hobbies foster creativity and innovation?
  • Have you ever turned your hobby into a profession or a side business? Share your experience.

Вам могут быть интересны и другие идеи для уроков английского:

3. Listening 

Предложите ученику посмотреть следующее видео и выполнить задание: 

3.1 Watch the video and answer the following questions

  1. What inspired Willard Wigan to start making miniature sculptures? 
  2. How do people react when they see Willard Wigan’s work?
  3. What challenges has Willard faced in his journey of creating micro sculptures?

3.2 Mark following questions as True or False 

  1. Willard Wigan has made sculptures that can fit in the eye of a needle, including camels and the Queen.
  2. Willard Wigan started making sculptures by creating tables and chairs for ants.
  3. Willard Wigan has two world records for the smallest sculptures made by human hands.
  4. He accidentally inhaled a sculpture of Alice in Wonderland while working on it.
  5. Willard Wigan plans to make a sculpture of himself stuck in a needle next.
Key: 1 — true;  2 — true; 3 — true;  4 — false; 5 — false.  

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Рассказываем, как проходит отбор и что нужно делать кандидатам.

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Другие статьи о преподавании в Skyeng для учителей английского:

4. Reading 

предложите студенту прочитать статью и сопоставить категории с параграфами.

Read the article and match the сategories with the paragraph. 

A) Artistic B) Home Improvement C) Physical Activity D) Intellectual Pursuits E) Volunteering F) Collecting G)  Gaming H) Travel I) Extreme or Unusual Hobbies.

Myriad hobbies can be grouped into the categories below. What’s more, some might be accessible through group classes that could connect you with other people while others offer focused time alone to be creative and let your mind wander.
Artistic pursuits can be both accessible and rewarding—and they often result in a finished product and can be enjoyed whenever you have the time. To get started, consider pottery spinning, painting, sewing, knitting, photography, learning a musical instrument, listening to music, drawing, sculpting, mural painting, filmmaking, jewelry making, collage, scrapbooking, embroidery, quilting, songwriting or acting in a local theater production or improvisation class.
Physical activities to try include biking, running, hiking, dance, roller skating, yoga, walking, Pilates, weightlifting, golf, soccer, kickball, pickleball, ultimate frisbee, softball, baseball, competitive racing, swimming, boxing, CrossFit, martial arts, horseback riding or water sports like surfing, kite-boarding or boating.
If you’re itching to stretch your mind, consider starting a book club, learning a language, solving puzzles like crosswords or Sudoku, attending lectures or classes at a local college or library, researching your genealogy or writing poetry, prose, a blog or a book. (Writing groups make great companions.) You could also learn a new skill like computer coding or study an academic or historical topic that interests you.
Volunteer work offers a great opportunity to make a difference in ways that are important to you and to connect with people who hold similar values. My book, Physical Disobedience, contains an appendix with an extensive list of causes and organizations that offer short- and long-term volunteer opportunities. Some areas of interest include addiction recovery, animal protection, arts education, disability rights, domestic violence prevention, environmental causes, gun safety, homelessness, immigrant support, voter registration and women’s rights.

If you’re inspired by a cause, you can find like-minded people who are also passionate about it.
A few ideas for collectors’ items include stamps, coins, albums, rare books, rocks, seashells, trading cards, mugs, magnets, toys or memorabilia.
There are countless video games available online or on a console. There are also strategy games like chess, checkers, cards, Risk and Catan you can plan online or in person with others. You can even try interactive games like escape rooms, Dungeons and Dragons or live-action role playing (LARP) in your locale.
Love to explore? Travel can be expensive, but there are lots of ways to enjoy travel close to home. Take a day trip, try a new restaurant once a week, explore new cuisines by making new recipes, practice a new language, research travel deals, plan your itinerary for a future trip, train for physically challenging adventures like backpacking or skiing, watch documentaries or study countries you’re interested in visiting, or explore your hometown like a tourist.
If you have more unique interests, your hobby might not fit neatly into one of those other categories. Options are endless. Maybe you’re a fan of bungee jumping, skydiving, motorcycle racing or restoration, cloud watching, beekeeping, glass blowing, trimming bonsai trees or racing through intense obstacle courses by climbing walls and crawling through mud. You do you.

Name 3 hobbies from the article:

that only men prefer
that only women prefer
that keep people active 
that can help to relax
that can challenge your mind

Name 3: 

unusual  hobbies
hobbies you can make money from 
the most expensive hobbies 
dangerous hobbies 

Еще больше планов уроков английского для взрослых студентов:

5. Grammar  

How to tell others about your hobbies: 

I like + to do somethingI like to play golf.
I like + (verb + ing)I like watching movies.
I enjoy doing somethingI enjoy baking.
I am keen on somethingI am keen on photography.
I am fond of somethingI am fond of traveling.

Answer the questions: 

  1. Why do people have hobbies?
  1. Do you have any hobbies? What are they?
  2. How much free time do you usually have? What do you like to do with your free time? Do you prefer to relax or to be active?
  3. Do you collect anything? If so, when did you start collecting? How large is your collection?
  4. Do you like to learn new skills? Can you give an example of something that you have learned to do that is not related to your work
  5. Do you like solo hobbies, or do you prefer to do group activities? Why?
  6. Some people turn their hobbies into a career or a way of making money. Can you think of any examples?
  7. What hobbies are popular with children, but not with adults?
  8. What hobbies do men prefer? Which hobbies do women especially like?
  9. Name any hobbies that only require people? Can they be done without equipment or special items?

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6. Cool-down 

В конце урока попросите ученика назвать 3 вещи, которые он выучил за урок 

Используйте конструкцию Now I can…


Now I can tell you about my favorite activities 

Данный урок позволяет проработать с учеником различные навыки, а именно  speaking, reading и  listening skills, а также использовать грамматические конструкции и лексику по теме хобби в разговорной практике.  

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Кто вы из великих педагогов?

Узнайте об этом, ответив на 6 вопросов,
и получите подарок! 🎁

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