Тема «Косвенная речь» всегда звучит пугающе и непонятно для учеников. Зачем и где ее использовать. Предлагаем вам план урока для учащихся уровня Pre-Intermediate и Intermediate, в процессе которого вы отработаете косвенную речь, а ученики без труда смогут делать любые трансформации.

Цель урока: отработать косвенную речь, statements, questions, а также вывести в речь эти грамматические конструкции.

План урока

  1. Warm up
  2. Lead-in
  3. Statements revision
  4. Reported Speech questions. Practice
  5. Reading an Interview with a celebrity
  6. Find mistakes
  7. Sum up

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1. Warm up

Для начала поговорим об известных людях. Какие публичные люди вам интересны? С кем бы вы хотели встретиться и поговорить?

Let’s look at these photos. Are these people famous? What questions would you like to ask them? What other celebrities would you like to talk to?

plan uroka angliyskiy kosvennaya rech Skyteach
Роман Костомаров
K. «bird» N.
plan uroka angliyskiy kosvennaya rech 2 Skyteach
Полина Гагарина 
plan uroka angliyskiy kosvennaya rech 3 Skyteach
Юлия Пересильд

Могут пригодиться и другие планы уроков английского:

2. Lead-in

Представьте, что вы журналист и вам нужно задать вопросы известному человеку. Какие вопросы не уместны и могут разозлить или смутить человека? Знаете ли вы случаи, когда звезда не стала отвечать на провокационные вопросы?

You are going to interview a star. Look through the questions. 

Do you think the star will answer all the questions?

Which questions won’t be appropriate? 

  • What were you like as a kid? 
  • Did you dream to become famous?
  • Have you put on weight? 
  • What is your salary? 
  • Have you ever had plastic surgery? 
  • Who is your role model? 
  • Do you sing in the shower? 
  • Are you following any diet now?
  • What is your favorite dish?
  • Can you cook well?
General questionsSpecial questions

Can you sort general questions and special questions?

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3. Statements revision

Прочитайте факты из жизни известных людей и трансформируйте их в косвенную речь. Напомните ученикам правило.

So, let’s revise Reported Speech. Use the rule one tense back. Remind me please what will be with:

  1. Present Simple —
  2. Past Simple —
  3. Future Simple —
  4. Present Continuous —
  5. Past Continuous —
  6. Present Perfect –
  7. Can, may, should —
  8. Must —
  9. Let’s transform statements. 
  10. He said that….
  11. She told the viewers that…
plan uroka angliyskiy kosvennaya rech Skyteach
  • I was born in Moscow.
  • I went skating when I was 9.
  • I have my ear pierced.
  • I dreamt to become a swimmer.
  • I will have a lot of trainings soon.
plan uroka angliyskiy kosvennaya rech 2 Skyteach
  • I have been in Forbes list twice lately.
  • I failed to be a ballerina because of overweight.
  • I love chips and fast food.
plan uroka angliyskiy kosvennaya rech 3 Skyteach
  • I never visited drama club in my childhood.
  • My last film was shot in space.
  • I dreamt to be a firefighter.
  • I will go to space again if I have an opportunity.

4. Reported Speech questions. Practice

Напомните правила построения вопросов в косвенной речи, поговорите про порядок слов и приступайте к практике.

Remind your student the rule. What do we need to transform general questions? How do we report special questions? What is the word order in reported questions?

  1. Transform these questions into reported speech.
Direct SpeechReported Speech
What were you like as a kid? 
Did you dream to become famous?
Have you put on weight? 
What is your salary?
Have you ever had plastic surgery? 
Who is your role model? 
Do you sing in the shower? 
Are you following any diet now?
What is your favorite dish?
Can you cook well?
The reporter asked me what I had been like as a kid.
  1. Ask your partner a question. He should say: You asked me
  • What music do listen to?
  • Where were you born?
  • Where will you go next holiday?
  • How much is your car?
  • Have you ever been to Bali?
  • Did you do sport in your childhood?
  • Is there a restaurant you like visiting?
  1. Word order
  • Where He been had I wondered.
  • Was he single the actor if She asked.
  • my day me how was They asked.
  • Liked wondered music what I she.

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5. Reading an Interview with a celebrity

Обратимся к интервью с Илоном Маском. Прочитайте и найдите предложения, трансформированные в косвенную речь. Переделайте в прямую речь.

Let’s have a look at a real interview with a celebrity. It was rather controversial and brought to a real scandal. Read it. Find reported speech and underline these sentences. Transform them into direct speech.

‘Inappropriate’ question in Elon Musk interview with Don Lemon leaves people shocked

The pair sat down to chat for more than an hour. Lemon said beforehand that there were ‘no restrictions, no ground rules, nothing off limits or out of bounds’.

The pair completed the interview, but afterwards Musk canceled a proposed partnership.
With the interview now live on Lemon’s YouTube channel as well as on other streaming platforms, viewers have shared their thoughts on the conversation.

During the interview, Lemon asked Musk whether he considered ‘posting controversial stuff’ as ‘blowing off steam’.

Musk responded that that was the case to ‘some degree’. Although he noted that he also posted jokes, sometimes trivia, sometimes things that were of great importance.
Lemon went on to ask whether Musk was ‘under the influence of anything’ when he shared his content, which Musk denied.

Lemon then asked if Mask had admitted that he had a medical prescription.
Musk acknowledged that he did, but when Lemon asked what the prescription was for, he answered that it was pretty private to ask somebody about a medical prescription.

Musk then added that the drug was helpful for getting him ‘out of a negative frame of mind’.
Some viewers shared that the question about Musk’s prescription had been ‘inappropriate’.
People posted that it was very impolite to ask the interviewee such a personal question. 

Another agreed that it had been unfair and out of order. Some readers noted that if he had been curious he should have asked privately off camera.

Источник: https://www.unilad.com/celebrity/news/elon-musk-don-lemon-interview-inappropriate-question-196728-20240318

6. Find mistakes

Есть ряд предложений с типичными ошибками. Необходимо их исправить. 

Let’s find mistakes and correct the sentences.

  • She wondered if had the star lied to her.
  • That actor reported I finish my career.
  • He asked when paparazzi has shot that video.
  • They told me you can’t take photos.
  • I asked him when did he get up.
  • The sportsman told us can we not ask personal questions.
  • They asked me are you her manager.

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7. Sum up

Подведем итоги урока.

Now you can report speech from direct into indirect and vice versa. You can report statements as well as questions.

Студентам на начальном этапе требуется больше времени на отработку порядка слов в косвенной речи, а также больше упражнений на трансформацию. Это помогает учащимся хорошо разбираться во всех временах. Перед тем как вывести в речь задавайте больше упражнений на автоматизацию навыка.

Будем рады вашим комментариям об этом материале. Делитесь опытом и кейсами. Успешных уроков английского!

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