Криминальную историю времен позднего СССР «Слово пацана» можно назвать феноменом российского кино. Сериал покорил миллионы зрителей, вызвал споры, скандалы и попал под угрозу запрета. В чем секрет его популярности? Более 23 миллионов человек посмотрели эту драму. Мы составили план урока английского для взрослых учеников уровня Intermediate и выше. Материал подходит студентам, изъявившим желание обсудить этот сериал, высказаться на тему дружбы, идеалов, а также разобрать специфическую лексику. 

План урока:

  1. Warm-up
  2. Lead-in
  3. Plots of films
  4. Quiz
  5. Friendship. What might have been…
  6. Vocabulary
  7. New season / Summary

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1. Warm-up 

Начните урок с прослушивания саундтрека. Включите его без видео и спросите, из какого фильма эта музыка.

  • Let us listen to music and answer the questions.
  • Have you ever heard this melody? Is it catchy?

Затем можно включить видео и посмотреть трейлер к фильму.

  • Have you seen this series?
  • Can a soundtrack make a film famous? Can a soundtrack become a symbol or legend of an epoch?
  • Can you give such examples? 
  • What music / bands was/were popular at the time period shown in this series? Are these bands popular now among the modern generation or only among people who feel nostalgic? 

Для уроков английского со взрослыми вам могут пригодиться и эти планы уроков:

2. Lead-in

Чтобы вовлечь учеников в тему урока, задайте вопросы, а после покажите фото фильмов.

“Boy’s word” has become a phenomenon of Russian cinema in 2023. 

  • What other similar films or serials have you ever seen?
  • Have they also had such tremendous success? 

Match a photo with the film.

BrigadaBrotherBoy’s word
  1. Бригада 1
  2. Бригада 2
  3. Брат 1
  4. Брат 2
  5. Слово пацана 1
  6. Слово пацана 2

Можно предложить прослушать саундтреки и угадать, из какого они фильма.

Listen to some more soundtracks and say what film they are from. 

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Другие статьи о преподавании в Skyeng для учителей английского:

3. Plots of films

Предлагаем освежить в памяти сюжеты фильмов и ответим на вопросы.

Let’s read summaries of these films’ plots. Match each one with the name of the film.

BrigadaBrotherBoy’s word
Perestroika has already stepped from the Kremlin stands onto the streets of cities and towns. The Soviet Union is dying before our eyes, and along with freedom of speech, music and prices, freedom from conscience appears, bordering on lawlessness. While the parents are fighting for survival, the children abandoned by everyone stray into street flocks. But friendship and concepts of justice are increasingly mixed with violence and crime. 
Newly discharged from the army, a man returns to his older brother – a gangster and a killer – to start a new life in St. Petersburg where he’s soon situated in the criminal world and asked to kill someone. There his new life starts. He meets new people, including a girl, and becomes a big fan of the rock band. 
A group of friends, four of them grew up together, formed the most powerful gang in Moscow. They made business together, but an unplanned murder transformed them. Now their lives are at risk and there is no way back. 
  • What is the genre of these series? (criminal drama)
  • What do they have in common? 
  • Do they demonstrate the same epoch? (the same epoch, the same period of Russian history)
  • What were the features of that time? (clothes, music, mood) 

Read some real users ‘reviews about these films:

The movie is extremely realistic of what happened in Russia in 1989 — 2000 — actually it just shows the top of the iceberg. «Brigada» is the Russian ‘Godfather’ movie. Actors are great performers. Sounds great. Surroundings and details are absolutely realistic. I couldn’t find a better movie showing the Russians’ feelings and spirit in times of changes.
@ merrymary
The film is based on the true story of a real criminal group. I think that most of the English-speaking viewers can’t really understand some things, which are happening in the movie.
I really liked this movie «Brat». It was a gangster crime movie, but in a totally different style than most American films. There was a good story and great visuals of Russia. I liked the fact that not everything had to be explained to the audience. The director assumed that we were able to think for ourselves.
That is what makes BRAT a real masterpiece of film-making — it looks real to the last shot. Every moment is a true history of Post-Soviet Russia.
I’m a person who lived through that time and it still makes me sick in my stomach to think about that time…
Great series… I didn’t want to watch it but it became so popular so I decided to give it a try. It’s like a Time Machine for Russians from the 80-90s… not sure how we survived. Great music and actors did a fantastic job!

Answer the questions:

  • Are reviews controversial? Does everyone want to see and recollect that time? 
  • Why do some people not want to brush up on that time? 
  • Why might foreigners not fully understand these series?
  • Do they have anything in common with American thrillers?
  • Where were these films shot? Was scenery needed?

Еще больше упражнений и планов уроков английского по фильмам и сериалам:

4. Quiz

Самое время сбросить градус дискуссии и поговорить на нейтральные темы. Пройдите викторину по сериалу «Слово пацана». 

  1. Nickname of this boy. (Cap, Nerd, Coat) Фото
  2. Where could we see a green apple and Mona Lisa? Whose room was it? (Natasha’s)
  3. Nickname of this guy. (Bubble gum, Speedo, Turbo) Фото
  4. Who was a composer of the melody Andrej played when he visited a music school?
  5. Who is sitting opposite her? Фото
  6. What was the letter on Andrej’s mother’s hat? Whose hat was it? – F
  7. What subject did Andrej help Marat with? – English
  8. What did Adidas present Natalia on their first date? – tights
  9. Who was Andrej in love with? (Irina)

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5. Friendship. What might have been…

A.Обсудите философские вопросы об идеалах, дружбе, личности. Что общего между героями всех трех сериалов? Чем все-таки фильмы отличаются.

  • What is the most important thing for you in friendship? 
  • Has the characters’ friendship changed through time? If so, then how? 
  • Was it a real friendship? Could they betray each other under pressure?
  • What was imposed on them? 
  • Did they follow the rules and laws because they all were like-minded people?
  • Did they have similar values in life? Can you prove with some examples or famous quotes from films?
  • What unites all these protagonists? What differs them?
  • Did neighborhood or background influence their behavior? 

What are the main character traits of the protagonists?

  • – decisive
  • – independent
  • – brave
  • – courageous
  • – coward
  • – reliable
  • – brutal
  • – entrepreneurial
  • – abusive
  • – down-to-earth
  • – armchair critic
  • – smart
  • – selfish
  • – driven

B. Обсудите с учениками, что могло бы быть, если бы…

Используйте The Third Conditional


  • these people could have had another life if they had had a choice
  • Andrej could have become a famous pianist / musician if he had not dropped out his school 
  • Marat might have achieved good results in sport or in English if he had not joined the gang
  • all these guys could have become great businessmen as they were so creative and entrepreneurial
  • they could have been charismatic leaders if they…

Могут пригодиться и эти статьи к урокам английского:

6. Vocabulary

А. Многие интересуются, как перевести пацанские понятия, тюремный сленг, уличные ругательства. Рекомендуем посмотреть:

Дени с Джорданом разобрали этот сериал.

Уголовный (блатной) жаргон — эти выражения очень специфичные и являются лакунами в языке, то есть нет точного перевода, эквивалентов в других языках. Тут еще и определение в родном языке надо хорошо знать, важен контекст, в каких случаях его употреблять. Будьте осторожнее!

  • чушпан — a hooligan, a dirtbag, a charv. 
  • аналог, но не о группировках «ботан» — wimp, geek, nerd, pussy. 
  • головой отвечать — to swear down клянусь, отвечаю.
  • сдать кого-либо, предать, наябедничать — to give smb. up, to rat on smb.
  • пришиваться / отшить — to jump in / put; to join / to brush off.

Рекомендуем посмотреть сериал The Suits, многие фразы встречаются в диалогах героев, даже очень образованных адвокатов.

Посмотрите разбор фрагмента фильма «Карты, деньги, два ствола (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels)

B. Перевод. Translate using the phrases above.

Мы не должны доверять ему, он подставит нас. Он — трус и очень нерешительный, но точно никогда не ябедничает. Положись на меня, я ручаюсь головой.

8. New season / Summary

А. Обсудите с учениками новый сезон сериала «Слово пацана». В обсуждении используйте грамматические конструкции: to be going to, will, might, а также modal verbs of deduction.

Let’s predict what might be in a new season.

  • Does the first season end logically? 
  • Is it interesting to get to know what might happen next?
  • What might a film producer show us? 
  • Will these guys change their lives?
  • Will they regret their past?
  • Does each series need to be continued? Give examples of series where the next seasons were boring.  
  • Are you going to watch the second season of Boy’s Word?

B. Подведем итоги. Обсудим следующие вопросы:

  1. Are these series worth seeing?
  2. Are they enlightening? Does a modern generation understand everything? 
  3. Can these films have a negative impact on the modern generation?
  4. Is bullying at school similar to what we have seen in these films?

Надеемся, вас заинтересовал план урока английского для взрослых по сериалу «Слово пацана». Продуктивного занятия! Напишите в комментариях, какие сериалы смотрят ваши ученики.

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