We live in a difficult period of mankind: COVID-19, hostilities, economic recession. All these factors make our future less and less predictable. The set of norms are being changed and what was prohibited yesterday is flourishing today. Some people have a right not to like something and they speak out, but they face aggressive and intolerant reactions that cause the decline of democracy and freedom of speech. The notion cancel culture has become a part of our life and has already ruined someone’s.

This worksheet will help your students learn more about this tendency, why it can be really dangerous nowadays, what negative aftermath it could bring. Besides, your students will expand their vocabulary on this topic, develop their listening and reading skills and, of course, they will practise speaking for fluency. 

Age: 16+
Level: Upper Intermediate+
Time: 50 mins
Lesson type: Listening, Reading and Speaking
Number of students: 3-8

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  • Фото аватара

    Спасибо! Я уже испугалась, что будет что-то о «новых веяниях», а у Вас адекватный и интересный урок, выражающий мнение здорового человека обо всей этой дичи.

  • Фото аватара

    It’s awesome, thank you!


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