Netflix is becoming more and more popular, producing really interesting and breathtaking miniseries. The Queen’s Gambit is one of such a kind that is watched by people all over the world with a great interest. This film encouraged people to start playing chess and the popularity of this game has skyrocketed recently. Besides, it shows to females that it is worth fighting in the males’ world. Would you recommend your students to watch this series before taking this lesson, if they haven’t done it yet, so they could understand the peculiarities of this series.  This worksheet will help your students learn more about this miniseries and its main hero, they will expand their vocabulary on the topic connected with chess, develop their listening and reading skills and, of course, they will practise speaking for fluency. 

Age: 16+

Level: Upper-Intermediate +

Time: 50 mins

Lesson type: Listening, Speaking

Number of students: 3-8

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