World Tourism Day: идеи для урока

Всемирный день туризма — а значит, мы спешим с подборкой тематических заданий, которыми можно разбавить ваши уроки. В этом году пандемия коронавируса испортила отдых многим путешественникам и негативно повлияла на доходы людей, работающих в сфере туризма. Как раз это и можно обсудить с учеником на уроке, если все стандартные темы, связанные с путешествиями, вы уже прошли. Задания подходят для уровня Intermediate — Upper-Intermediate.

Задание 1: Lead-in

Let’s discuss

  1. What comes to mind when you hear the word “tourism”?
  2. How important is tourism to your country? 
  3. What are some of the tourist attractions in your country?
  4. What do you think tourism will be like in the future?
  5. What will travel look like after the pandemic?

Задание 2: Global tourism industry takes ‘unprecedented’ coronavirus hit

  1. Discuss the questions: Which jobs are most at risk because of COVID-19?
    What’s the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on tourism?
    What are some examples of countries that suffered great losses in tourism revenue due to COVID-19?

Watch the video and check your predictions.

  1. Watch the video again and complete the sentences with the missing words.
  • Businesses that depend on tourists spending say the impact of the pandemic is ___.
  • We’re starting to feel the ___. 
  • Current situation in Venice for gondoliers is quite ___, because there’s no work.
  • Across Italy travel is ___, public gatherings ___.
  • The lack of tourists in the Valley of Kings in Egypt is an ominous sign of how ___ the pandemic will be for the economy.
  • There are medical health and security checks because of fears that the virus will ___ from other countries to the Egyptian people. 
  • Everyone who depends on visitor spending is feeling a ___ from the pandemic. 
  • The UN’s travel agency expects the pandemic to deal a trillion-dollar ___ to the global economy.


  1. unprecedented
  2. catastrophe
  3. disastrous
  4. restricted, banned
  5. damaging 
  6. spread 
  7. pinch 
  8. blow

3. Use the words you’ve just used in the exercise above to talk about the effects of the pandemic in your region.

Задание 3: Coronavirus travel advice

Complete these safety tips with infinitives or gerunds.

  1. Consider ___ (to go / going / go) to countries least affected by Covid-19.
  2. Try ___ (to maintain / maintaining / maintain) a distance of 6 feet (2 meters) between you and others.
  3. Avoid ___ (to touch / touching / touch) your eyes, nose and mouth.
  4. Don’t forget ___ (to wear / wearing / wear) a face mask when you’re in a public place.
  5. Limit contact with frequently touched surfaces, such as handrails and elevator buttons. If you must ___ (to touch / touching / touch) these surfaces, use hand sanitizer or wash your hands afterward.


  1. going
  2. to maintain
  3. touching 
  4. to wear
  5. touch

Add your own advice and recommendations on travelling during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Задание 4: Agree/Disagree

Agree or disagree with the statements below. Explain your point.

  1. Tourism helps people in the world understand each other better.
  2. The majority of tourists have little respect for the places they visit and are only interested in getting drunk and causing trouble.
  3. Tourists = pollution. The fewer tourists there are, the better.
  4. With so many tourists coming to enjoy certain famous lifestyles and traditions, we begin to see the commercialization of culture. Ancient customs and cultures are becoming products that can be sold.
  5. Tourism is the main reason why countries put money into protecting and preserving local wildlife and historic monuments.

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