Как говорить с учениками о хобби, чтобы это не раздражало? Чтобы действительно отвлечь их от каждодневных дел и стресса, а может, и вдохновить на новые свершения и инсайты. Предлагаем подборку интересных упражнений на тему «Хобби».


  • use the vocabulary related to hobbies;
  • develop listening skills according to the topic;
  • practice speaking skills.

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Упражнение 1. The word “hobby”, really?

Посмотрите видео. Выделите фразы необходимые для разговора о хобби. Ответьте на вопросы.

Let’s watch this video. Write down phrases we use to speak about hobbies.
Do we use the word HOBBY at all?

Follow the example in the video and speak about your free time activities.

Say True or False:

  1. The word “hobby” sounds formal like an interview.
  2. It is better to ask about activities directly like at a job interview. 
  3. “Have you ever…” is a good way to find something in common.
To speak about hobbies without the word hobby:
I love to
I like to
When I have time I usually
I wish I had more time to

What kind of things do you like to do?
What other kinds of things do you like to do besides hiking? 
What do you like to do in your free time?

Follow up questions:
Do you usually do it alone?
Do you have friends who do it with you?
How long have you been doing this?

Get some inspiration from this video. What hobbies would you like to try? What hobbies inspired you?

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Упражнение 2. Guess the hobby

Послушайте спикеров и назовите их хобби. 

  1. https://listenaminute.com/t/theatre.html
  2. https://listenaminute.com/p/photography.html
  3. https://listenaminute.com/c/cars.html
  4. https://listenaminute.com/g/gardening.html

Match the speakers with the hobbies they talk about:

Speaker 1Cars
Speaker 2Gardening
Speaker 3Theater
Speaker 4Photography

Say True or False:

  1. Gardening is one of the most stressful hobbies. 
  2. Vegetables from your garden are always GMO.
  3. The theater is expensive in London.
  4. The speaker has never been to the theater.
  5. To take up photography you need an expensive camera.
  6. You can change photos online.
  7. His brother is crazy about cars and knows all the characteristics.
  8. Hybrid cars are good for the environment. 

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Упражнение 3. One more time

Прослушайте подкасты еще раз и заполните пропуски нужными словами.

Listen to podcasts one more time. Fill in the gaps with the missing words.

Photography __________ best-loved hobbies. Recently, __________ everyone in the world has become a photographer. It’s__________ good photographs. When I was a teenager, photography was one of my biggest hobbies. __________ all kinds of things. I also had a lot of photographic equipment. I couldn’t __________ photos developed. Now there are digital cameras and phone cameras. Anyone __________ photographs. What’s more, we can use all kinds of software to change our photos __________ online. I think photography will get easier and more interesting in the future. I still think great photographers __________ artists.
Theater. When I was growing up, I always __________ was for rich people. I __________ it is. Theater tickets in London are pretty expensive, especially for a whole family. But __________, I found you could go to the theater __________ I found dozens of smaller theaters in London that had very reasonable prices. You could __________ tickets for the big theaters. Going to the theater is a wonderful experience. It’s great sitting in your seat with your programme. I __________ the set will look like. I’m always impressed by the quality of acting. Actors __________. They stand on stage in front of an audience of hundreds, and __________ confident.
Cars. Are you into cars? My brother is. __________. He buys car magazines, watches car programmes on TV and __________ looking at car websites. He knows the name, maker, engine size and ___________ every car on the planet. Every time we go out, he __________ about the cars he sees. I like cars. They are interesting. _____ lot of money, I’d like to buy a sports car. I’m saving up for a small car __________. I’ll probably buy __________ that is good for the environment. My brother thinks these are boring. He says __________ be powerful and fast. I don’t agree. I think cars should get ___________ and be big enough for me and my friends. I also prefer smaller cars because they are __________.

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Упражнение 4. Statistics 

Покажите ученикам диаграмму и попросите на основе этих данных, на английском сделать устные выводы о популярных видах хобби.

  • Look at a diagram which reflects the statistics of popular hobbies. 
  • What is the most popular one? The least popular? A fad?
  • How can we explain that these activities are the most favorite ones? 

What hobbies can be:

  • business-related
  • creative 
  • good for your health
  • with an educative purpose 
fishing jogging yoga hiking Nordic walking babysitting
stand-up comedy coaching singing or playing an instrument cartooning
face painting skiing knitting woodworking sewing deep-sea 
diving skydiving parachuting assistant teaching beekeeping tutoring
dog walking crafting decorating baking gaming shopping
While speaking use the words:

a fad — smth that is fashionable to do for a short period of time
to take up — to start
to tend to — to do smth / to be prone to do
a long-term — continuing for a long time in the future
enlightening — giving you more information
to devote — to use your time and energy for a particular purpose


Астрология стала настоящим писком моды. Люди склонны верить в предсказания, когда они не чувствуют уверенности в настоящем. 

Изучение иностранных языков — познавательное хобби на долгосрочную перспективу. Чтобы наслаждаться фильмами в оригинале, вам следует посвящать много времени практике.

Я ничего не делаю кроме работы. Что же мне попробовать? Где взять вдохновение?

Кто вы из великих педагогов?

Узнайте об этом, ответив на 6 вопросов,
и получите подарок! 🎁

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Упражнение 5. How to monetize hobby

Как монетизировать хобби — примеры из жизни, личные идеи.

Can we turn a hobby into a business? Is it possible to monetise your hobby?
Do you know such examples among your friends? Would you like to take up smth like this?

Read some comments:

Some years ago I took up felting. I created felted bags. It took me a year to master my skills because I started from the bottom. A lot of tutorials of famous designers were really helpful and I created my first clSome utches, shoppers and cross body bags. The next step was to learn more about ecommerce. Eventually I succeeded in selling my handmade goods. I used to have orders from France, the USA etc.
My mom likes knitting. She took up knitting clothes for dogs. I helped to open an account on Instagram. Now she is good at photographing and as a pensioner she has some money from her hobby. By the way, it helps her to be sociable and to develop herself.
My neighbor who is a single mother bakes awesome cakes, they are masterpieces. Contact her if you need a cake for any event. She even does not have to advertise herself. All people from home chat know her.

Read an article about some ideas to monetize hobbies.

  • Whether you’re a gardening guru, a financial advisor, or a DIY mastermind, you can become a YouTube superstar. Successful YouTubers make a substantial income via sponsorships, ads, and affiliate marketing. Starting a YouTube channel is free and surprisingly easy. Stand out from the crowd. Keep them watching by delivering valuable content from the moment you start recording. Build your audience. The bigger your audience, the better chance you have of generating an impressive income.
  • Are you a video game aficionado? If so, you could make some serious bucks from gaming. There are video game competitions across the globe, so the hobby could take you to some amazing places while scoring you extra cash. If you prefer to game at home, streaming your game play can also be a lucrative hobby.
  • Master your baking skills and create delicious confections to sell locally. Many successful bakers started their businesses in their very own home kitchens.
  • Whether your specialty is birthday cakes, holiday pies, or melt in your mouth cookies, once word gets around that you’re a master in the kitchen, the orders will come rolling in.
  • If you’re an artist, transform your love for painting or drawing into a small business. Create social media accounts to share your artwork online, and check out the following websites to sell your makes.
  • If you like to spend your downtime making soap or jewelry, knitting, embroidery, crocheting, sewing or taking part in other crafty hobbies, consider selling your creations to earn some extra money. Look for the best places to sell handmade crafts online. 
  • Transform your knowledge into cash by offering tutoring services to local students. Check with local schools—including colleges—to enquire about tutoring opportunities, and advertise your services at local businesses and in local social media groups. With today’s technology, tutoring sessions can take place online as well as in person.
  • Dog walking can lead to long-term work, including pet sitting gigs. When your clients go on a trip or get stuck at the office, you’ll likely be the first person they think of to take care of their precious pup.

Какие идеи вам понравились? Какие хобби у ваших студентов? Делитесь с нами, чтобы наши материалы были еще полезнее.

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